Friday, 7 August 2015

Food Waste Friday

Hi, wow its Friday again, where did this week go?
I am joining Jo at Simply being mum to show you my food waste and my clean fridge. Thanks for letting me join you Jo!

Here is the fridge before it was cleaned! I know full up!

As you can see now it is clean! Yay!

Restocked fridge, which as you can see still has quite a lot still in it. We are having friends over for a barbeque tomorrow so the hummus and the tzatziki should be used up then. I do need to use up some ricotta so I think I need to work out a menu plan that incorporates this maybe cannelloni.

I am really unhappy about the amount of food waste I have this week and it is much more than I thought. We had some ham, turkey, a quarter of each of the soft cheeses, some coleslaw, leftover chicken and new potatoes that I meant to have in a salad and forgot about.
The thing that I was most upset about was a bag of iceberg lettuce that as you can see still had two days left on the best before date. Our local supermarket has stopped selling iceberg lettuce and only sells it in the bags now. I have now decided that I would rather travel further to get lettuce that will actually last a few days and not just a couple!
Happy Friday and have a fun evening! 


  1. Hi, I use leftovers on a wednesday (our tesco shopping day is thursday, hubby's payday) to make a quiche, using up ham, mushrooms, cheese and onions, Jo x
    ps) I once made a vegetable curry, buying a jar mix and using leftover potatoes, carrots, onions, and half a cauliflower using the other half for sunday dinner.

  2. vegetable curry - on my old blog -

  3. Hi Jo, Quiche is a great idea! And omelettes because again you can get away with putting leftovers in it. I haven't made a curry for a while thanks for the link I will check it out. As you can see we had a lot of waste. I need to catch it earlier maybe when I clean the fridge I ought to make a list of the best before dates. Thanks for the tips K really appreciate them. X