Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday spending update 31/08/15

Good afternoon, I hope you have had a good weekend!

This week we have quite a lot of receipts to go through mainly because we have had a couple of items break that needed replacing.  I would have been quite happy to not replace our ironing board but I think the rest of the family might have got upset if they had to leave the house in creased clothes.

Here is our new ironing board which we got for £29.99 the rrp on this was £70.00 so a great deal. I bought the largest ironing board that I could get because we have seven of us in the house and whilst I don't iron everything there is still quite a lot of ironing to do.

We bought another curtain pole this week for sweet boy 3&4's bedroom as there one kept falling apart so that was another £17.99.

We also bought a barbeque cover which was reduced from £30.00 to £12.99 so a better than half price deal. Sweet man has been quite concerned recently that the barbeque that we bought last year will go rusty if we don't keep putting it away after each use. So now we have a happier Sweet man (yay) and our barbeque should last longer.

23/08/15 £4.00 Co-op
23/08/15 £18.57 Sainsbury
24/08/15 £25.78 Asda
24/08/15 £1.30 Asda
26/08/15 £14.46 Asda
26/08/15 £22.65 Home bargains
27/08/15 £4.89 Asda
27/08/15 £6.95 B&M
28/08/15 £13.70 Asda
29/08/15 £2.49 Asda
29/08/15 £3.55 Asda

Total £118.52

As you can see our food bill this week is £118.52 and is 18.52 above our £100 a week budget, that is about £7.00 less than what our food has come in at for the past two weeks.
This week I did include some bits required for our medicine cabinet. It also included a lot of cleaning materials and a large washing powder.
Whilst I am not happy that our spending is not coming down by more, I am happy that this weeks shopping included additional items and not just food and that it did come down a little.

I do believe that next week I might see a bigger difference in our shopping bill as sweet man goes back to work on Wednesday (he does insist on popping to the shops every morning) and I go back to work on Thursday.

Over the next week I do need to organise our packed lunch menu as buying lunch is a very expensive alternative.

Have a great afternoon and if you are in the UK a wonderful bank holiday.


  1. that's a good price for the ironing board, erm I got a large one ages ago for £3 in a local hospice shop, I just had to make a new cover for it! At least your spending isn't all food, I bought a BBQ pack from Tesco 28 items of food for just £5, so that is a few meals for us. Jo x

  2. the ironing board - on the old blog

  3. I can't believe you managed to get one in a hospice shop. I looked for about two weeks for one and gave up in the end. I love your cheerful cover, I'm not clever enough to make one. Brilliant deal on the barbeque pack was it on offer? X

  4. You got a really good deal on your BBQ cover. I agree that it should help make your BBQ last longer if it stays outside all the time.

    As far as the groceries go, you're getting there! I'm glad Greg doesn't go to the store unless I'm away on a trip, otherwise I'd have to triple or quadruple our budget! He has no patience for hunting down deals or even using a coupon.

    I hope you have a good first day back at work. Taking packed lunches to work and school saves our family a lot of money, even if school lunches only cost about $2.15 per meal this year.

    Have a great week!

  5. Hi hun, the barbeque will come in probably in a couple of weeks once summer is over. Although all we have had for the last three days is rain.

    No Ben isn't the greatest at bargain hunting either he went to the shop this morning and spent about £40.00 on about ten items (not good).

    Our school dinners are £2.00 for the kids and £2.50 if I want one. I did buy some last year but I really want to stick to packed lunches this year. Last year Iwasted a fortune because I just wasn't organised enough. So I need to completely re-think how I do things this year.

    Hope you manage to avoid all the hurricanes xx

  6. the bbq frozen pack from tesco was the normal price, it goes down to £4 when it is on offer! Jo x