Thursday, 13 August 2015

Sweet boys bedroom update 1 & 2

Good evening. I hope you have had a nice day! Our day has been very eventful. My darling sweet boy 1, received his A level results today and got accepted to the university that is about ten minutes away from our home. Yay!

After the news of this had sunk in, he sat and organised all his paper work, chatted to his friends and arranged an evening out to celebrate. I think all of his friends got the universities they had chosen too. Meanwhile, sweet boy 2 and I returned to the partially organised bedroom and carried on, it has actually taken us eight hours as we have only just finished.

We took the bunk beds apart as the bottom bunk was broken and until I can get a new bed Sweet boy 1 will sleep on the trundle bed that stores underneath the other one!

As you know we had previously cleaned out all the wardrobes and drawers so today we just had to move them so they are all along the wall that the bunk bed used to be on.  Oh you can't see but I have put all their teddies except sweet boy 2's White Tiger (that he still sleeps with) on the top of the wardrobe.

They can now easily walk into their room and everything has a home.

I do still need to wash their carpet and I would like to get them a rug, curtains and obviously a new bed, I do try to either buy in the sales or see if I can get some reused items that fit what I am looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to come and visit and I look forward to reading any comments or ideas that you may have.

Take care for now, I hope you all sleep as well as I think I will. Goodnight Friends!

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