Sunday, 9 August 2015

Weekly spending for week commencing 02/08/15-08/08/15

Happy Sunday everyone!

Each week I am going to post how much we have spent the previous week. I am hoping that making this public will hold us more accountable for what we spend and over the weeks I will notice a reduction.

£10.08 ASDA 02/08/15
£15.16 ASDA 05/08/15
£6.50 ASDA 06/08/15
£3.20 TESCO 07/08/15
£6.32 TESCO 07/08/15
£48.45 ALDI 07/08/15
£14.27 ASDA 07/08/15
£10.50 SAINSBURYS 08/08/15
£27.17 ASDA 08/08/15
£0.45p SAINSBURYS 08/08/15

Total - £142.10

Not great hey! So if we spent that every week that would be £568.40 a month on food! Wow, is all I have to say.

We don't spend much money on anything else but I will log everything that we spend.

Sweet man and  I were talking this morning and agreed that we need to bring our spending down and our goals over the next year are to have a holiday and buy a new sofas.
If you have any money saving tips let me know. I would be really interested to give them a try.

Have a lovely relaxing afternoon!


  1. Hi, me and hubby have our shopping delivered by Tesco each week, yes it costs £2.50 for delivery but hopefully it stops hubby from putting little 'extras' in the basket/trolley when we go into the shop! Jo

  2. Hi Jo, I have been thinking about doing a Tesco online shop once a week partly because of the clubcard vouchers being useful for taking the kids out for treats and also because I think it would bring the cost down. Men do like their goodies don't they! Unfortunately so do the kids and I normally end up shopping with a couple of them. Its payday next week so i'll give it a go and let you know. Thanks for the tip. Tara x