Monday, 15 February 2016

1st day off!

Good Morning

I have a list of things to do today

  • Make the beds - Done
  • Do some ironing - done
  • Unload and reload the dishwasher - done
  • Put some washing on - done x2
  • Put five items on eBay for sale - done
  • Find the rings for my daughters curtain rail
  • Put up my daughters new curtains
  • Clean the kitchen - done
  • Clean the bathroom - done
  • Make a chilli for dinner
I love the holidays it gives me a chance to catch up with things at home, and the kids a chance to relax and do what they want.

My eldest is still at university as he does not get a half term but he breaks up for summer in May!

My two youngest are just playing together.

My daughter is making her friends some Easter presents.

These are the things she made:-

She decided to keep the pendant at the bottom for herself as it's the first piece of jewellery she has ever made.
Didn't she do well! She is going to make some more tomorrow.
My thirteen year old is playing the Xbox, shocker! He does not want to be photographed so I took a photo of his lunch to prove he exists. Ha ha.

He had a cheese toastie, crisps and a cake.

I have put some washing on the line as its bright outside.

It does seem to be getting a bit chilly out there now and I might need to finish it off on the dryer, but at least it'll be nice and fresh.

Dinner is slowly cooking and will be ready as soon as Ben gets in from work.

I just need to put the rice in the rice cooker about 5pm.

I think I might fail in one of my targets. I can't find the rings for my daughters curtain pole which is so annoying as I remember putting the somewhere safe. Argh!

I haven't put our heating on today but that will change as soon as Ben gets in as its the first thing he does. He really has no understanding at all about being frugal!

Well I'm off to search for the rings, if I find them I will update you later.

Have a great day and take care xx


  1. I can't believe how much you got done before you posted! When I first read your blog post it was 10:30 a.m. here and I was still in my PJs and hadn't done anything. You are incredible!

    Love that jewelry from your daughter. I have a stash of beads that I had gotten when I still had 3 little girls at home who loved to do crafts, etc. Fun times!

    I hope you found your curtain rings. Doesn't this always happen when we put something somewhere thinking "it'll be safe there and for sure I will remember where I put it"?! It happens to me ALL THE TIME.

    I hope you have a nice Tuesday!

  2. Ah, thank you Nathalie. I always think the same about you when you work on your garden it would take me hours to do the things you do.

    I bet you miss the fun craft stuff. I love it, I didn't think I'd have a girl so since she was born everything has been pink and girly thank goodness she wasn't a tom boy. Ha ha

    I haven't found them! It is driving me mad and Ben said "oh order some more".
    Ugh No, now its a mission to find them. Xx