Friday, 19 February 2016

Friday rambling

Good Morning, its Friday again people and where I would normal be celebrating, this week it signifies the end of half term. Boo, I do love spending time with my favourite little people, even if their not all little any longer.

I decided to treat myself to a relaxing breakfast this morning sat at the table and catching up on my favourite blogs, you know who you are ;-). As I know next week I certainly won't have time for breakfast.

How healthy am I! Yeah ok, I know your all thinking, Yeah right!  But truly it was a lovely start to the morning. And Yes Nathalie, I do still want that Dunkin donut but slippery slope and all that...

My thirteen year old was complaining that it was cold this morning and whilst he is a skinny bean and has no meat on him, I frugally replied "The sun is shining go and put a jumper on. I think he took this comment to the extreme.

Its really not that cold and no one else has complained but I have relented and stuck the heating on for an hour. Poor boy!

So far today I have:-

  • Put the dishwasher on
  • Made the beds
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Wiped over the bathroom and toilet
  • Put the washing machine on - yes I know that will mean more ironing YUK
  • Bleached the Floors
  • Bleached the Kitchen cupboard doors
  • Completed the ironing

    Until this lot is dry!
That's about all I have done so far today but I will update you later in the day. I do want to put some items on eBay/Facebook sales and I do have five pieces of ironing that I couldn't face yesterday, ugh.
I think I'm going to have a bit of a lazy day today though as its the last day of the holiday and I would like to read at least a chapter of my new book.

Today, I had two helpers with lunch. Guess which one was the bossy one?

We had a good laugh whilst eating lunch today, unfortunately at my expense because every time I picked up a hula hoop it fell out of my hand, this happened to me about four times? They found it hysterical and my thirteen year old concluded that I really don't need to eat Hula Hoops anyway. Thanks son!

I was hoping that my mum might pop in for a cup of tea today, as I knew she was going shopping, but instead she rang. Firstly to tell me not to bother with the 2 for £1.50 eggs in Tesco as they are tiny and secondly to tell me that Tesco has my favourite cleaner on offer for £2.00 (this rarely happens).

Mmmm, this stuff smells so good and as I have a £1.50 clubcard voucher - that is no longer going to go on Easter eggs.  I can treat myself to this for 50p and have a delightful smelling kitchen for the next month. Its also good for the environment and lets face it we all need to try and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.
 Well, I have not read any of my book, I always feel guilty when there are things I should be doing but I have just realised that one of my favourite programs that I thought was due back on tonight is not on until next Friday so I will read for a bit tonight.
On a personal note:-
  1. I have entered 10 competitions today
  2. I have done two online reviews towards Amazon vouchers
  3. I have listed 2 items on FB sales and 2 items on EBay
I have not done any walking - oops
Have a lovely evening and take care xx

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