Saturday, 13 February 2016

Yay! half term is here.

Hello dear friends. I am so sorry I didn't post yesterday, we went to an end of term party after school  expecting to be a couple of hours and we didn't get home until gone 10 o clock. Yes I know dirty stop outs.

My daughters bed turned up yesterday, instead of Monday. Luckily my eldest son was still here as he wasn't starting work until lunchtime. So my daughter was delighted when she got home yesterday and had a wonderful nights sleep.

I haven't completely finished her bedroom yet, because the bed arrived early, but I thought I would show you her new comfy bed.

We popped over to my mum and dads today to say thank you and came away with a multitude of half term treats, after being given toasted cheese sandwiches and chips for dinner. Hooray no cooking for me!

Luckily I haven't done this weeks Aldi shop yet, as I won't need to buy any treats.

My daughter has had a very productive week, she received a letter from school on Thursday requesting that she spends a day at the local grammar school as she is considered to be gifted and talented in drama and music. Of course we said yes and she will be doing that in a couple of weeks time.

She also received a letter this morning telling her that she got her audition and has been given a singing and dancing part in Saturday night fever. They have also requested that she spend a week during the summer holidays at their theatre camp, doing eight hours a day of singing dancing and acting with professional teachers and on the final day will be taken to London's Drury Lane to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I have to admit to being a little bit jealous, I would love to see that show.

I love that my daughter seems to get so many great opportunities given to her. I don't know whether this is just luck or whether it is due to her quietly outgoing personality and the fact that she tries her best at everything. Maybe a bit of both.

It is valentines day in the UK tomorrow. Do you celebrate valentines day? I am truly not worried about Valentines day at all but sweet man feels that if you don't celebrate valentines day then you must have stopped caring. I haven't stopped caring so as it makes him happy I have bought a card and ordered a game for him that he would like.

We also have steak and Prosecco for dinner tomorrow because paying for a meal out for us lot is too big a step for me, even though I still care!

Well have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS to your daughter! What great news, both on the school front and on the acting front! She undoubtedly will love being at the theater camp in the summer and I hope she has a great time doing Saturday Night Fever! I love her new bed too, it looks very comfy.

    I'm jealous of all the treats you got for free. Look at that! Is your mom a teacher that she got all those half term treats? or did I misunderstand and you got them from the school party you went to? Either way, I could go for a treat now and we really don't have any baked good in the house so I'm yearning for some of yours :)

    Valentine's Day is tomorrow here too. Greg and I said we weren't going to do anything and then this morning I suggested we go take a walk on the pretty trail alongside the lake in Clermont and have lunch at a new-to-us restaurant that's right on the lake. We had talked about doing that last time we walked on the trail and realized that there was a restaurant. The weather was beautiful so he decided that he would really like to do that and off we went. I'll talk about it on my post later on today but it was lovely and we had a grand time. So that counts as our Valentine's Day celebration.

    Enjoy your prosecco and celebration at home! What did he give you?

  2. Hi Nathalie, she is very lucky at the moment, things are really going well for her. Long may it continue...

    No whenever it is a school holiday my mum always makes the kids lots of treats and my dad goes out and buys them crisps and cookies etc. Its just what they like to do. We're very lucky.

    That sounds lovely Nathalie. I love going on walks in pretty places and then to eat whilst doing it is just the icing on the cake really isn't it. I can't wait to read all about it. I don't know what I have got yet I have to wait till the morning but I have asked for a couple of books so hopefully I will get them.

    Have a nice day xxx