Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines day

Hello dear friends, Happy Valentines day.

I hope you have all had a lovely day. I woke up to a lovely card, some pens for work, two books and some yummy smelling coconut shaving cream.

We then went into town and ordered Street fighter V for him, as his valentines present.

We came home and I popped to Aldi to do some shopping for tonight dinner and some food for next week.

I bought:-

3 boxes of cereal
2 packs of croissants
2 packs of egg waffles

2 packs Rump steak
1 pack Chicken
2 packs minced beef
1 pack of ham for lunches

Frozen chips
Battered Onion rings
Breaded Mushrooms

Apple Juice
4 bottles Diet coke

Bag of baking potatoes

chocolate chip mints
Barbeque stackers (like Pringles)
Garlic and onion dip

The total cost of this shop was £36.44

I am quite happy with what I managed to buy for this amount of money. There will be a few other things I need to buy during the week but a few items that I needed had sold out. I won't need to buy any breakfast or lunch items but possibly a few dinner bits.

I came home and cleaned out the fridge and re-stocked it with the items I had bought. I also put twenty of the cakes that my mum had made into the freezer for the next couple of weeks. I only froze the fruit and chocolate chip cakes as I know these will come out of the freezer the same as they went in.

Tonight I made my sweet man a steak dinner, with Prosecco which he very much appreciated and we have sent the children to bed apart from the thirteen year old, as I'm not sure I would get away with sending him to bed at 7pm, we are going to watch Fast and Furious 7.

My eldest son is looking at spending his summer in America at a summer camp, his university tutor is American and has put him in touch with some lovely people who have offered to help him. He is also considering doing his masters degree in Education in America and is currently looking at how much he will have to work and save to fulfil his dream. His tutor did his grade point average for him and this was 3.6 which means nothing to me at all. I don't know if this is good. I assume it would be as his results were a 1st which is great.
He has asked me to have a look at the various places with him tomorrow night as he would like to go to a summer camp in the same state he is considering doing his masters degree.

Have a lovely evening, take care xx


  1. Sounds like you had a good Valentine's Day too! Great job on the shopping, the total sounds so low even with all the meat you managed to purchase! I hope you enjoyed your movie date :)

  2. Thanks Nathalie, I did but since I have had the children I get very emotional very easily and it was very sad at the end.

    Aldi is so much cheaper than the other supermarkets its a crazy difference.

    I hope you had a nice day xxx

  3. sounds like you had a good day, wow that is a good price for all that shopping. Hubby keeps asking me to get steak but I tell him I don't like beef but really I'm not sure how to cook it! Well done for your son, yes I don't know what the numbers mean either!

  4. It was lovely Jo, seriously Aldi are cheap and their produce is good. I cooked ours in butter on the frying pan. I always cook mine a bit longer than Bens because I can't cope with blood on my plate but he likes his not too well done, he says its tougher. I'm proud of him because before he went to university he kept worrying that he wasn't clever enough. Its giving him confidence too. Xxx