Friday, 26 February 2016

Hello dear friends, so here we are at another Friday evening and almost at the end of February, wow, this year seems to be going very quickly.

I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend although I desperately need to go shopping, we got home from school today and my little people were very hungry but we had no snacks. So I need to do a full weeks worth of shopping including cleaning materials. Luckily I have managed to accumulate a few coupons over the last couple of weeks so hopefully that will save me some money on a big shop.

I have walked nine miles today and have to admit to feeling quite worn out now so I am writing this post and watching Outlander on Amazon Prime. I have only just started to watch this series but I quite like how it flicks from wartime France to 1700 Scotland and follows the life of a young woman who travels back in time after touching a medieval stone.

Things that have made me smile, happy and laugh today

  • One of my best friends popping round for a cup of tea after school today
  • My darling daughter tidying her bedroom without me even having to ask her
  • My eight year old having another good week at school (I'm so proud of him)
Things I would like to achieve this weekend

  • I would like to take my children on a bike ride
  • I would like to see my mum and dad
  • I would like to make cakes and cookies with the children for school next week
  • I would like to start digging over a vegetable area in the garden
  • I would like to wash all the bedding
  • I would like to read stories and watch kids movies with the children
  • I would like to get next weeks shopping done
Well that's about it from me for today, have a nice evening and take care xx

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