Thursday, 4 February 2016

just a little chat

Hello, I hope you have had a nice day.

Well in my little world, I STILL WANT A CHOCOLATE BAR. But you will be happy to know I am still resisting,
Yum, but as I was desperate for something sweet after dinner I opened a tin of fruit and had some of that.
So far today I have had a no spend day but unfortunately when I go to pick my thirteen year old up from cadets I do need to get some lunch stuff for tomorrow otherwise my little angels will starve and we can't have that.
It does go to show that I did slightly underestimate what we would need for lunches this week either that or little fingers have been helping themselves (which is probably more likely).
Sweet man is away for one night next week on business but probably won't be home for dinner for two nights by the time he gets back so I might just have leftovers out of the freezer on those two days. But I need to make sure I have leftovers to have first.
It has been another full on day at work today where by I was due to leave at lunch time but ended up staying the whole day.
I guess I will be cleaning at the weekend again although I've been doing a bit every day when I get in from work.
I walked six miles today and spent £14.00 at the shop but I did buy some nice coffee that was half price that I was going to buy at the weekend.
Have a nice evening and take care xxx


  1. Great shopping - I can't get over how much walking and cleaning you do even with working (full) time!

    1. Hi Shelley.
      Maybe that's why I'm always shattered, ha ha.
      I didn't do much cleaning today though but I did walk nine miles today. Xx