Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Proud Mum day

Hello, I hope you have had a good day.

My plan for today was to work a half day and then come home and do some cleaning but things didn't go to plan and although I could have left but there was thing to be done so I stayed. This seems to be happening more frequently these days, so I went and had a coffee in the staff room.  whilst drinking my coffee I received a message from my eldest son asking if I could talk, there were several other people in the staff room so I replied what's up, in case something was wrong, he told me he had received his university results for the first term. He hadn't told me he was getting the results today and I was a little concerned because he had only sent his twelve essays in eleven minutes before they were due and he had repeatedly told me he didn't think he had done very well. Well he rang and told me he got a first. I am so proud of him.

We had the water company come in at school today to talk to the children, he was explaining the ways that people can save money on their water bills and it made me realise whilst I am trying to save money on food and what we spend I really haven't looked at the ways we could save money on things like water or electricity.

This is an area of our spending that I need to look at more closely especially as our monthly bill has just increased by about £6.00 per month. The ways that I can definitely save money without really trying is to:-
  • Make sure the dishwasher is full before its turned on
  • The same with the washing machine
  • Make the children turn the tap off when they brush their teeth
  • Use the bathwater to flush the toilet after the children bath
  • Get water butt and use rain water to water the garden or clean dirty boots
These are just some of the ways that anyone can save money and whilst our water is not expensive it is accumulative and just saving 10p a day is still a saving of £36.50 over a year.

On a personal note I walked six and a half miles today and we have stuck to our food menu.

We have also had a no spend day. Yippee!

Have a good day, take care!


  1. Wow, Tara, you must be so proud! That's awesome!

    I'm laughing at your conversation on the phone because that's EXACTLY how every single phone conversation with my daughter goes when she calls me out of the blue, lol. I'm always imagining that she got into a car accident.

    Good luck with your efforts to save on water and electricity! Do you know that I realized recently that for all the times I told the kids to turn OFF the water while they brush their teeth, I'm the one who leaves it on?! For shame! I never even realized that I did that. I was all red in the face :)

    1. I am really proud of him Nathalie. He has worked so hard he didn't even take Christmas day off. Bless him.

      Ha ha, its a mum thing isn't it!

      Thank you, I haven't bought any of the bulbs yet I'm still searching for the best place to buy them. Oh is the slow cooker cheaper than using the oven? Me too with the tooth brushing, I forgot this morning and my daughter shouted Mum really, tap off. Whose the adult? Xx

    2. I think that it's much cheaper because you're not warming up a large oven, just a small slow cooker. Also, it doesn't heat up your kitchen. For us, where it's hot anyway, it's a savings because it doesn't make the AC kick on anymore than it already does, whereas having the oven on really makes us use more AC. For you I guess it wouldn't matter much that way. I found a blog post that did some research on the subject, although it's an American blog, but she said that if you cook with gas, it might be the same, but if your oven is electric, then you're saving money by using the crockpot. https://food.thefuntimesguide.com/2008/10/crock_pot_cooking.php