Saturday, 20 February 2016

Saturday chat

Hi, I hope the you are having a nice weekend.

My picture for today is of Central Park in New York and it is on my bucket list. I would love to stand on that bridge with a take away Caramel latte and chat to the people that mean the world to me. What would you like to do on that bridge?

I have not done very much today apart from:-

  • Hoover downstairs
  • Go to the shops a couple of times to pick up a few bits not a proper shop
  • Put the washing machine on
  • Put the dishwasher on twice
  • I read a chapter of my book this morning before I got up
  • I did five competitions
  • I did two online reviews
My littlest man lost his other front tooth today, he lost the other one a couple of weeks ago and is completely gappy now!

I helped make two bacon and potato hotpots for today and tomorrows dinner (that's if it doesn't get eaten by greedy people! And no I don't mean me. Lol.)

I have sold some of my daughters books that are two young for her, she no longer reads fairy books (so sad), on Facebook sales.

I have also sold some old games on EBay. I still have quite a few things to try and sell.

There is a voucher for £5.00 off a £40 spend in lidl in todays Sun newspaper together with two free tickets to Shrek Adventure so I asked a friend who I know normally gets this paper to save these for me. (Thank you if your reading)

As you will know if you are a regular reader, I have been shopping at Aldi more than Lidl recently but with a voucher it is definitely worth going to lidl as they sell lovely fresh bread and rolls, that make a lovely Saturday lunch treat.

I have not done any walking today but as I am back walking to and from work next week I am not too worried as I know I will soon make up for my laziness this week.

I hope you have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. I think that bridge may have been featured in "Enchanted" and I love that movie so if I were to be in Central Park, I would love to recreate the scene when she sings and dances her way through Central Park, lol... it is to be noted that I cannot sing or dance.

    No teeth! Heth gonna thound thunny thor a while :) Does the Tooth Fairy visit your house?

    I hope your friend finds the coupon for you, you could get some good deals! And good on you for listing and selling your extra stuff. I can never be bothered with it so I just donate everything.

    Even if you think you didn't do much, you did way more than I did!

    Have a lovely night.

  2. Oh I love Enchanted too. I'd like to stand and watch you recreate the scene whilst sipping my Caramel Latte.

    Ha ha, he does speak just like that right now. Yes, thanks you have reminded me I need to get £2.00 out.

    I'm getting the coupon, yay bargains.

    I must admit it does get on my nerves selling stuff, well really its the posting of it but it does work out worth it.

    You say that and then I'll read your post and think Oh I'm such a lazy cow. (You garden, bake and contact all sorts of people, by phone no less!).

    Have a relaxing afternoon/evening xx

    1. Deal. You'll probably spit your coffee out as soon as I opened my mouth to sing though, lol. That would be a waste.

      Let's keep on complimenting each other, shall we? I can assure you that I have done nothing today. On my "Accomplishments" list I have "Fed the cats" and "Went out to lunch". And it's 5:42 p.m. and we're eating leftovers for dinner so chances are nothing will be added to my list :) You are definitely not a cow and not even a little bit of a lazy one. But yeah, I'm basking in your admiration of my calling people on the phone mad skillz, lol.