Tuesday, 16 February 2016

I bought a bargain!

Hello dear friends, the sun is out and it's making me smile. Is it you too? Spring is on its way my crocus's are coming out.

Things I want to do today

Put the dishwasher on - done

Put a load of washing on - done x2 and on the line outside

Hoover downstairs - done

Clean kitchen - done

Put five items up for sale (EBay/Facebook sales) - done

Some Ironing - done

Look at ways to sort out my little ones room (it's driving me mad!) - done

Keep looking for those damn hooks - fail (what have I done with them?)

I feel like all I do is wash and iron. I think I will only have one load of washing to do tomorrow unless, I decide to wash the bedding but that will depend on the weather. I hate wet sheets hanging around the house.
Today, I managed to get more washing out on the line, I know I said it yesterday but yay Fresh Clothes!

I have been looking at the offers that are about at the moment and Tesco are doing buy one get one free on their Easter Eggs. They are £1.50 each (or in this case for two)
I only buy three Easter Eggs because my eldest is one diet and my eight year old does not like chocolate (is he really my child?).

If you noticed in my things to do I wrote get something to sort out my boys toys. The edge of their bedroom is a mess their is a lot of toys stuffed in between the end of their bed and the wall, so today I found something on Facebook sales that I thought might solve the problem and it was only £5.00.
What do you think?

My seven year old took this photo in the bathroom, so you wouldn't see his messy bedroom. Bless him. I think the plan is to put all their cars in him, it was either that or their Lego but id like to sort their Lego into a colour coded drawer system for them.
I have put some more items on Ebay today but I don't have any bids for any of the items that I have listed in the last two days yet.
Have a lovely evening. Take care xx


  1. Once upon a time I spent a lot of time sorting my boys' toys by categories into nice little bins and their legos by color... and after about a week, each bin was a mixture of everything and the legos were all jumbled up. I think I tried 2 or 3 more times once I saw that they really didn't care about having everything sorted out, I gave up, lol.

    I do like the frog container, it's cute!

    The crocus are gorgeous, I wish those would grow here!

    Are you taking any time to relax on your break or are you planning on working yourself to death?! I kid, I kid! I admire you!

  2. I love waking up to your messages you really make me laugh and it sets me up for the day.

    I do think you are probably right. I have sorted out their room so many time and within a couple of days its a mess again. Girls are so different.

    I like the frog container too, but its become a bit of a toy because when one of the puts something in it the other one uses the lid to bite their hand and then they fall about laughing. Not very productive but I guess they're happy.

    My mum is coming over today so I will probably do nothing!


    1. Ah, my boys would have totally done the same thing when they were little! It makes me all nostalgic for those days...

      OK, so the plan is that you do nothing today and visit with your mom, so the rest of us get a chance to look like we've actually been busy with our "I gave the cat her medicine" list of tasks, OK? Deal!

      Enjoy your time off :)

    2. I must admit I love that they are still little and I do try to make the most of it.

      Ha ha, I can promise I haven't done much. I'm glad Kitty is ok xxx