Wednesday, 17 February 2016

I won a competition

Hello dear friends, I hope you are having a lovely day.

My day has been lovely!

I got up to a couple of lovely thoughtful messages, one from my mum saying she would be popping over to see us and did I need anything from the shops, I said no because I didn't want her to have to stop just for me.

My eldest son arrived and it was lovely because he chatted and helped me make sandwiches for lunch, as I thought it would be nice to have lunch ready for mum when she arrived.

My mum arrived and as per normal she had stopped on her way here and bought goodies for us. We are spoilt rotten by her and my dad.

Whilst my mum was here, the doorbell went and a man was delivering a parcel, I advised him I hadn't ordered anything but he checked the name and it was definitely for me. I brought it in and opened it, very confused.

This was inside!

My mum and eldest son recommended I check my bank account, but I vaguely remember entering a competition for this a while ago, I often enter competitions if I think its something my children would like. I checked my emails, nothing. So I eventually called the number on the parcel and explained the situation, the man advised me I had won this and he had sent it out to me yesterday.

I don't think I have ever won anything before and have to admit to jumping around the kitchen.

I would like to thank Future publishing limited for the amazing prize.

My youngest son is really into cars in a big way and I will be putting this away for his birthday as I know he will be thrilled with it.  Lucky me!

I have also been doing online reviews in return for Amazon vouchers and now have £20.00 towards birthday and Christmas presents. Aren't I doing well.

I have to admit I did nothing apart from hoover the downstairs of the house today. Yes Nathalie Nada, nothing! I just spent the day chatting to my mum and eldest son whilst everyone else went about doing their usual thing.

I have done no walking this week so if the weathers nice tomorrow I might take the children out for a bike ride to make up for it.

I have one bid on one of my eBay items. Yes finally! But I didn't put anything else on eBay today, I will add more items tomorrow.

Now I'm going to clean the kitchen whilst my eldest boys go out for a run... I should be joining them but that really is a little too energetic.

When they get back I will put the little ones to bed and I promised my eldest son I would help him look at colleges in the US for his masters degree year. Wish me luck, it could be a long night.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Oh my, what a great day! I'm so excited for you and your kids! That is awesome! I'm really wishing I get to win the "Tour the Downton Abbey Manors" contest with our public TV stations even though I haven't even caught up with the show, because I so want to go back to England. I visited back when I was 14 or so and just for a couple of days but it was awesome. I doubt I'll win but how grand would that be? I'm always entering sweepstakes. You never know!

    Your mom sounds lovely. Such a good grandma to get sweets for her grands! My grandma would do that too when we were young. When she and my grandpa came to visit, it was always like it was Christmas all over again!

    LOL'ing at your "I did nothing" comment but you still vacuumed! And made sandwiches too :) I did a load of dishes and spent the morning on the phone but got a few things taken care of so it's not too bad.

    Is your son interested in the Master's program in the USA the same son who is looking at being a camp counselor over here this summer? Did he ever send his application for that? Good luck looking at colleges! Maybe he should go to the University of Florida... it's only 90 minutes away from here and a great university. It's not close to the beaches but there are wonderful springs around Gainesville. Yeah, I gotta plug my state, you know :) That's the university my daughter reaaaaaaally wants to attend. One of my stepdaughters graduated from there.

    Well, gotta go take my youngest to his annual check-up. Good luck with everything!

  2. If you came to England we could go out for dinner, ha I have my fingers crossed that you win. In fact we could have afternoon tea because that's very English!

    My mum is great, my nan was like that too. In fact she was always my favourite person and I still miss her now and she's been gone 10 years this year.

    Ugh I would rather vacuum and do housework than spend the morning on the phone, that's the sort of jobs I put off I hate it.

    It is the same son as the one looking at the summer camp, he has applied and he has someone ringing him on the first of march but it looks like he may have applied a bit late this year so it looks more likely to be next year.

    We have had a look at the University of Florida, he wouldn't be bothered by beaches the only thing that puts him off is the heat. (Yes I'm surprised he's my son too).

    He keeps looking at Ohio/Pennsylvania areas. But he has just over a year to maybe visit and make a decision.

    Its scary as I would miss him like crazy but I really want him to achieve his dreams so I am doing my best to help and support him.

    How did your son get on at his check-up? Xx

    1. Bah, the heat... it's nothing when you're inside (your dorm, the university, the stores, the buses...) and there's air conditioning, lol. And we have A/C everywhere. Tell him that with global warming it gets pretty darn hot in Ohio or Pennsylvania too and those people up there usually don't have air conditioning because it traditionally hasn't been so hot :)

      You're a good mom. It would be hard to have my kids live in another country for any length of time, even you I don't see my oldest son nearly as often as you see yours. My mom didn't seem to really be upset that I came to study here for a year, she was very excited for me and busy with my 3 younger siblings and her job. Hmm, a little like you!

      My younger son's check-up went well. He's 5 ft 11" at 14 and still growing! He hates needles so still wants me to hold his hand when he gets his finger pricked for the iron test and then I also asked for him to get a flu shot so I got to hold his hand twice!

      If I win the contest, you're ON! I'd love to have high tea with you, lol. Have a great day!

  3. Yes, that's what I will tell him, if it was my choice I would choose Florida, Georgia areas. It looks like he will definitely visit in his school holiday this year to take a look so we will see.

    I do sound like your mum, I know it will be so hard I talk to him more than I speak to anyone else. I didn't realise that's what you did too. So did you just end up staying and getting a job when you finished studying?

    Ah bless him, I love that teenagers have the little things that still make them young at times like needing to hold your hand for an injection. Bless him I'm glad it went well. He sounds just like my thirteen year old, tall and skinny. He is also 5'11 and I weighed him yesterday and he is 8 stone (I wish I was, ha ha)

    Have a lovely day xxx

    1. I had to ask Google to convert 8 stones into pounds. You guys have the weirdest system, lol. Wow, he is super skinny! My son has a good 20 lbs on him but I think he's really skinny and it's hard to find pants that fit him. Do you have the same problem?

      Yes, I came over here with a fellowship to study in Florida for a year. While I was here I met my ex-husband and we started dating. I went back to France to finish my degree but the long-distance thing was very hard. I came back here to visit him over Christmas and he proposed so I ended up staying here. We got married, I got a job at Walt Disney World where I was going to work "until I found something better" and I ended up staying there for 15 years! It's crazy how different my life would have been if I hadn't applied for the Fellowship at the 11th hour and won it.

      Florida is better than Georgia. I don't like Georgia, lol. But he can't go to FSU (Tallahassee), OK? I'd be mad if he went to FSU. UF (Gainesville) is far superior. Miami is super expensive. UCF (Orlando) is a really large school (the 2nd largest in the country) and it's not all that pretty but you're just about an hour away from Cocoa Beach and they have an awesome Music Ed program with lots of free concerts :) My son's GF is majoring in Education there. She wants to be an elementary school teacher.

      Anyway, I should check with the State of Florida if I can get an incentive for pushing Florida in the comment section of your blog, hahaha!

    2. Big time I struggle with getting trousers to fit him it drives me nuts, I have resorted to buying him 33inch legs with a 26inch waist if I can get them or 28inch with a belt.

      Wow, you was clearly meant to do that fellowship, or you wouldn't be where you are now. Do you go back to France often to visit?

      Its Education that my son wants to do, he wants to teach seniors. I spoke to him earlier and he said Florida is on his list to look at so I will show him your recommendations. When he contacts them he will have to mention you and see if he can get your daughter some credits ha ha xxx

    3. We were looking for 28x32 yesterday and couldn't even find that unless I got him Levi's 501 that were $49. Even with the 30% discount and the $20 in free Kohl's cash that I had, I thought those were overpriced. He grows so fast he'll wear them 6 months top! I got his current 28x30 at Target, I should go back and see if they have 28x32. I'd never EVER seen 26 anything so you'd have a really hard time clothing him here. My son wears a 28 like I said but he has to wear a belt, like yours.

      I went back to France with my ex after we got married once. Then I went to open EuroDisney for 10 days. Then I went back with my 1st son when he was 18 months old (and I was pregnant with my middle son so I tell them I've already taken then once to France!) and then I didn't go back for 17 years until my stepmom got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Since then, I've been back 3 times in 2 years so now I'm a little over it, lol. I do better with an ocean away between my family and me. I love them but I couldn't live there anymore. But I do love them and as I type this up I'm getting homesick for my brothers :) they're a funny bunch and I love their wife and GF. And my nephews. Damn it, Tara, I got a new cat, I don't have money to go visit again this year!

      LOL, wouldn't it be funny if my daughter and son ended up at UF together?!

  4. Really? I thought you had more options in clothes sizes than we do, a 26 waist are quite difficult to get but if you look around you can get them. I wouldn't by the 501's either. I normally spend about £20.00 on a pair of jeans for my son and he has two or three pairs on the go at once. He doesn't like shorts or that would make life so much easier in the summer. He thinks he is too skinny for them.

    Oh you have been back a lot recently, that's nice. At least you like your brothers partners and families. I like my sister in law too. She is a really sweet, nice person. Sorry if I made you homesick.

    Oh my god, they always say its a small world but that would be really strange especially if you had asked him six months ago he would never have dreamed of doing this. Life is strange! Xx

    1. I need to go through my son's closet. He told me he had 6 or 7 pairs of jeans but the problem is that I think they're too short and he insists they're fine. But he looks like Jerry Lewis sometimes, lol. He has 2 pairs of shorts and doesn't like wearing them because he is very self-conscious about his very hairy legs and his dad making fun of them doesn't help. He was asking me yesterday about shaving them, poor kid. So he won't wear shorts unless he's home, which is a shame when we live in Florida!

      It's good that you love your SIL. I agree that life is strange and the world is indeed a small place in a lot of instances!