Thursday, 18 February 2016

One of those days

Good Morning, I hope you are all well.

Its still fairly early here and I am hoping the day will get better because I am frustrated today. Let me explain more!

I got up and made a coffee, I dropped the jar of coffee, argh, I managed to salvage most of it.

I got dressed and put my top on inside out, now I had good luck yesterday, so if I put it on the right way does that mean I will have bad luck today? Or the fact that I dropped the coffee does that mean if I turn it the right way I will have good luck. Or is this just superstitious gobbledygook? Probably.

I then tried to print some coupons from supersavvyme for cleaning products that I need to buy on payday but every time I go to print them it tells me this app can't run on your computer, why?
At first I thought it was because my computer was set to not allowing cookies, so I allowed cookies, still, This app can't run on your computer so I tried on my phone and guess what? Yes you guessed it THIS APP CANT RUN ON YOUR COMPUTER. Argh, Windows what is going on?
I need a young eighteen year olds help but he is at work for the next two days, earning some money, so I guess I will have to keep trying.

Then my ironing pile, if you have kept up with my news this week you will know apart from yesterday, I have ironed every day. Well check out this.

So now I am off to iron but I will update you later. Talk soon ;-)

Ok so things have improved a bit my dishwasher has not been cleaning things as well as it should be and I  had a snow flake shape lit up on the panel but I couldn't find the information book, its probably with the curtains rings that I can't find! Anyway I googled it and it just needed rinse aid, I should have guessed that really but I thought I had put salt and rinse aid in it recently. I guess not. So now it works. Yay!

My eight year old took a leaf out of his brothers book and helped me make lunch.

He even put name places on the table with kisses on them. He's such a cutie..

They all enjoyed his lunch.

Whilst eating lunch I received a message from a dear friend of mine saying that they had found my blog and thought it was good. It was so thoughtful of them to let me know and its someone who has always been there to help and support me so I wanted to say hi and thank you.

So as you can see the day definitely got better.

I then took my little people to the park and we had an hour of fun with the sun shining.

It was nice to get some fresh air and see them happily playing.

Things I achieved today

  • Sorted the dishwasher out and got a clean load of dishes
  • Hovered downstairs
  • Dusted downstairs
  • Tidied the two young boys room and used the frog toy bin
  • Ironing - yuk
  • Made the beds
  • Cleaned the bathroom and toilet
  • Went to the park
I put an easy dinner in for tea as my thirteen year old has cadets tonight so its an evening of going in and out and I want to read to the little ones before they go to bed tonight.

I think I'll have tuna in mine and some salad with it and then it'll be a nice healthy tea.

I walked a mile today.

I have only spent £1.00 today for my son to pay for cadets.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Oh no! I'm glad the rest of your day turned out better than the beginning! Awwww, your sweet son wrote name cards with hearts! That's so sweet!

  2. I don't know where your Friday post went... I can see it in my Feedly screen but when I click on it to come to your blog to comment on it, it tells me there is no such blog post. I'm only saying that in case you don't realize that it's disappeared (maybe it's back in your draft folder?). Anyhoo, you need to ask for this for Christmas from Ben, I think...