Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Menu plan tuesday (oops sorry about yesterday)

Hello dear friends, tonight photo is for my family, who are Arsenal fans, and currently at the stadium awaiting Arsenals game against Barcelona. Apart from my darling dad who I am sure will be watching it at home so Good Luck Arsenal.

I'm sorry I didn't do my menu plan yesterday, my eldest son requested some help with a few things and it ended up taking all night but seeing as he is taking my daughter to the local Grammar school tomorrow I am quite happy to help.  (actually I would be even without the bribe but sshhh don't tell him).

This weeks meals are going to be different to my four weekly plan as I want to get rid of a few things in the cupboards (and its pay day next week). So here is this weeks menu plan:-

Monday was - Sausage, chips and beans

Tuesday - chicken in a tomato, onion and parmesan sauce with mini roast potatoes and veg

Wednesday - Jacket potatoes with Tuna and salad

Thursday - Bacon sandwiches

Friday -  Pizza and garlic bread

Saturday - Red Thai Curry and lime and coriander Rice

Sunday - Leftover curry.

Yesterday, I walked nine miles, this was not really by choice, I got halfway to work when I realised that I had left the iron on, so I was backwards and forwards several times.

Today, I walked five miles, I worked all day today as we had a sports competition this afternoon against our local schools and happily we won. I do like to win!

I received some coupons through the post today from Method cleaning, I mentioned last week that the Grapefruit cleaner was my favourite cleaning product so I was thrilled tonight when I received five £1.00 off coupons. Thank you Method team.  

Things that have made me smile, happy or laugh today.

  • Our school winning the sports competition
  • My daughter getting a fit of the giggles whilst saying goodnight (I love that she is happy)
  • All of my children eating all their dinner and saying they enjoyed it (for once!)
Now I am going to have a nice warm bubble bath and then go up to bed early to read some of my book, I might even make myself a hot Ribena and a hot water bottle, the ultimate luxury. I'm definitely getting old.

Have a nice evening and take care xx


  1. Sounds like a good day unfortunately your family didn't have a good day against Barcelona �� although it does mean I can book my trip to American

    1. Oh baby I'm sorry they lost. I had my fingers crossed. Oh yay that means you can book your America trip! (No I wasn't being sarcastic, I'm glad really but i'll miss you xxx

  2. Congrats on your school winning the competition and on getting the coupons from Method!

    I love that you are incorporating things that made you delighted n your post!

    1. Thanks Nathalie, yes it was a good day. Its nice to look back on the things that have made you happy. The big things that you remember but the little things go out of your mind. Xxx