Sunday, 21 February 2016

Is there a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow

Hello, happy Sunday. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

I am going to add a new section to my blog each day and that is the things that have made me laugh/smile or happy. After all my blog is called Daily Delights, and there are certainly things that make me happy every day.

So lets make a start

The things that have made me laugh smile or happy today

  • A quick phone call from my eldest son this morning
  • My sweet eight year old climbing on my lap after my shower and telling me whilst wiping my wet hair across my face that I am in fact wet but that he doesn't mind because he loves me. (I love you too baby)
  • My youngest son asking me to sit at the breakfast table with him because he likes talking to me (This made me have some breakfast too)
  • Reading a friends blog about her leg shaving antics - hilarious!

I can foresee my life starting to move in a different direction. I don't want to look back in two years time and think I have spent over £1000 a year on television channels and all I have done is watch TV. Instead I would rather look back and think I bought Merlin passes or zoo passes and we went out in the holidays and weekends and had fun but we didn't watch much TV.

I don't want to look back and think we lived in a fairly big house but only saw those four walls, I would rather live squashed in a little house together with the people I am quite happy to be squashed with and think we can go on holiday or visit the people we love.

Am I having a mid-life crisis?

So, I will be decluttering our home over the next six months and saving as much money as possible and seriously looking at the things that truly make me happy and the things that don't make me happy at all. I think inside I know what those things are but a bit of reinforcement never goes a miss.

Today, I have:-

  • Made the beds
  • Cleaned my bedroom
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Put the dishwasher on
  • Put three loads of washing on
  • Wiped over the toilets
Also as part of my decluttering process I have picked the smallest cabinet I have in the house and decluttered it. Ha ha-A bit at a time.

The things I have left to do:-
  • Clean four pairs of shoes
  • Iron work clothes for tomorrow (school clothes are done already)
  • Pack up six lunches - this is nearly as bad as ironing
  • Put four games on EBay
  • Put some Goosebumps books on either EBay or Facebook sales (my little ones say they are too scary)
  • Bath the little people and make sure they are in bed at a reasonable hour
  • Go and buy a big chocolate bar - what do you mean No?
On a personal note I have done no walking
I have sold a dress on EBay -yippee
I have done two competitions for holidays in Florida - now wouldn't that be nice!

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Good luck and hope you win one of the competitions! Lx

    1. Thank you and I do hope so, fingers crossed xx