Saturday, 20 August 2016

A chilled out weekend

Hello dear friends, we are at another weekend!

I'm very sorry that I didn't update you yesterday I spent most of the day and evening sorting out my two youngest boys bedroom. We cleared out their toys resulting in a box full that we will try and sell and then if we are unsuccessful donate to the charity shop.  They are getting older now with the youngest turning eight on Monday and they have decided that they want to keep their sets of things like cars, Lego, Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon card sets and their board games. This has lightened the load massively. The boys helped to wash their walls and skirting boards and although we still have bits to do it is looking much better.


I woke up early this morning but because I knew I didn't have a lot to do I laid in bed reading my book for an hour. It was lovely to come down to a clean and tidy home and knowing all I really had to do is put some washing on. Huge Yay!

Food and Exercise

Breakfast - Yoghurt

Lunch - Tuna Sandwich and a few Pringles

Dinner - Chicken and salad wrap

I haven't been very hungry today so I only ended up having one wrap and I had to push myself to have breakfast and lunch. We didn't go for a run today but my nine year old and I have done sits ups and hula hooping - wow that's hard work.

Money Matters

I have been to the shops twice today and still forgotten to buy toilet roll! The first time that I went I bought Coffee, milk, wraps, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, Marmite and cream cheese costing £23.00, the second time I went to the shop I bought four tubs of Pringles, two bottles of coke, Apple juice, Ribena, Vimto, a birthday cake for my son, a lunch box and drinks bottle to give to my son for his birthday. I bought most of these items for my sons birthday tea on Monday but they were on special offer and I didn't want them to sell out. I also got 75% off the birthday cake so it cost £3.00 the total price was £33.00 but £11.00 of this was on the lunch box and drinks bottle that he needed anyway. As my childrens birthdays are mainly in the summer holidays I tend to buy them quite a few back to school items which I know seems mean but it enables me to buy the ones they really like rather than the basic ones.

Well that's it from me for today I'm off to enjoy the last two days of the Olympics, I will miss it a lot as I'm not a big television person because I have a very short attention span and get bored easily but I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three weeks of sport.

Have a good evening and take care xx

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  1. Sit-ups?! You're awesome! Can I count the many times I sit up from the couch to walk somewhere in the house? No? Darn it.

    I hope you're having a great Sunday!