Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday update

Hello dear friends,

Happy Sunday I hope you are having a nice relaxed day. We have, we went for a barbeque at Bens mums. It was lovely the kids played in the garden whilst we sat eating. Yum.


  •  Dishwasher put on
  • Washing machine put on
  • Vacuumed downstairs
A little bit on the lazy side today so just a quick clean up done.

Food and Exercise

  • Breakfast - Rice krispies and skimmed milk
  • Lunch - sausage in a roll, chicken, peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, cucumber, tomato,
  • Dinner - half an egg and corned beef in a roll, pretzels
  • Snacks - Apple, strawberries
Went for a run this evening. Both yesterday and today we have extended our run a little bit further.
This week I have lost 1lb but because I didn't update my fitness pal with the 2lb that I lost last week it is showing as 3lb that I have lost. So over the three weeks that I have been changing my diet and exercising I have lost 11lbs.

Money Matters

We haven't spent any money at all today. That makes a nice change a complete no spend day.

I haven't actually made much money this week from selling stuff only £15.00 but that is mainly because I have been sorting the items out to sell and now I have a large amount of items to sell. I am thinking about trying to sell them on Facebook sales rather than Ebay as I listed two items earlier and I was notified that I would be charged 35p for listing them and when you are only earning a couple of pound per item that's a large percentage being taken before you start. You do get twenty free listings per month but I have already used those.


I didn't post yesterday and that was because my fourteen year old nearly knocked me out by opening a cupboard whilst I was standing up (ouch!).  It made me dizzy and feel very sick, I ended up going to bed early. The poor boy felt dreadful, it was just one of those things!

Have a great evening and take care xx


  1. I'm worried that you suffered from a concussion on Saturday. If you keep feeling sleepy and nauseous, you should go to a doctor ASAP.

    Congratulations on 11 lbs lost! That is so awesome, Tara! You have definitely earned an atta girl and a relaxing Sunday!

    Have a great week, I hope the weather is nice for you guys and you sell all of your stuff.


    1. I feel fine now Nathalie not tired or sick, I was a little concerned when it happened because it did make me feel quite bad and I did have a big egg on my head.

      Thank you, I am not having the best week this week, this is my fourth week starting now and I'm struggling to know what to eat and even though I am still determined I need to plan every meal so I don't succumb to something I shouldn't.

      Amazingly the weather was nice today Nathalie, I hope you have a good week too xxx