Saturday, 6 August 2016

Wild goose chase...or not?

Good Evening, Happy Saturday I hope you have a lovely day.

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have felt in a long time. I had lots of energy and felt well.
I don't know if this is down to having time off work and being able to get on top of things at home without having to still rush around at nine o clock at night or whether its the change in my eating patterns and exercise or maybe and most likely a combination of them both but long may it continue.

My day today was not spent finishing off cleaning my boys room or relaxing in the sun reading my book. No it was spent travelling to every single supermarket that we have in the town that we live.

Ben decided he really fancied Cornish Pasties for his dinner but he wanted home made ones which called for Beef Skirt among other ingredients so off I trundles to Aldi where I got all the vegetables required at a very good price but no Beef Skirt, so off I trundled to the next Supermarket and No absolutely not to cut a long story short three Supermarkets later I found it - Thank you Tesco and a very nice man got a large piece from behind his meat counter and charged me a very reasonable £8.00.

Ben made seventeen Cornish Pasties and the leftovers will be put in the freezer to take to work for his lunch.

During my journey I did manage to get some shower gel reduced to 38p per bottle so I bought four. Yay bargain!

When I was at one of the Supermarkets I saw the mum and dad of one of my fourteen year old friends who has also gone on the camp with him and yes their son has contacted them a couple of times!
I decided to try and ring my son tonight and he hasn't even charged the phone that I went out of my way to sort out for him. I am starting to get a bit annoyed now, let him try asking to go on Christmas camp...

I went back using my fitness pal today and logged what I eat, everything was within the limits I was given except I was 3 over on my sugar, this was down to the yoghurt I eat for breakfast, the two flat peaches and an apricot that I eat, so they were all healthy sugars and I was over on protein, I had a three egg omelette for tea with mushrooms, tomatoes and ham, I'm not to worried about eating more protein as I'm running a lot and that will help with turning the fat to muscle.

No running done tonight because it was getting dark by the time we had dinner and a house at the back of us had party so I didn't fancy going out in the dark so I have done a deal with my nine year old to go first thing in the morning.

Off to bed now, night

Take care xx

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  1. I'm glad you woke up feeling so good! It's undoubtedly due to the fact that you're being healthier and you are well rested right now.

    Those pastries look yummy! I hope today was relaxing for you, Tara. Enjoy being home with the kiddos. Don't worry about your son at camp. Mine are the same. He's probably enjoying having fun and a little bit of independence. Maybe he forgot his phone charging cable?