Tuesday, 23 August 2016



Good Evening.

Thank you for all the lovely comments that you have all given me recently about how organised and focussed I have been during this holiday. I am a week and two days away from going back to work and I'm starting to slack.

  • No organising has been done since Friday
  • No running has been done since Friday
  • I have not logged my food for two days
I just need to organise my bedroom now which doesn't involve too much work and I think will be done tomorrow. I do intend to carry on running once I go back to work and I am struggling with what to eat.

The last week of the holiday I intend to spend having fun with the children, they have been so good this holiday with no expectations at all but now its time for them to take centre stage.
  • They have asked to go on a picnic - the weather is meant to be nice on Thursday
  • They would love to see Finding Dory or Alice in Wonderland at the Cinema
  • They would like to go swimming
I would love to take them away for a few days but that's not likely to happen this holiday but now that I will be working full time maybe we can organise something delightful for next summer.

In view of this I guess I had better carry on with the diet and exercise just in case...

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. don't worry about running/organising etc, time spent with the kids is more important - as you know I shop at tesco and every so often you can double up on reward points , in the past I've used them to get vouchers for pizza express or the cinema (there are lots of other things as well - look on tesco website) then we have something to look forward to , the vouchers have a six month date on them so lots of time to decide where to go! enjoy the rest of the holidays Jo x

  2. Thanks Jo, I have been looking at the Tesco club card vouchers recently I only have £10.00 but its enough for a meal out somewhere. I think I will shop at Tesco a bit more when I'm back at work xx

  3. Thanks for restoring the "old" comment form, by the way!

    I did notice that you hadn't been using MyFitnessPal in the past couple of days as I usually see messages with your user name telling me that you've completed your diary or lost weight! Get back on that horse, you were doing so well! Although, don't go running if it's awfully hot outside.