Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A lovely afternoon with mum

Good Evening.

I hope you have had a nice day. It been very hot here today and the children didn't want to go anywhere or do anything even go to the park. They spent most of the day laying on the laminate floor because it was cooler than anywhere else and took it in turns to go up and have a cold bath. Seriously they are heat lightweights, says she, who currently has a headache probably caused by the heat!  

Mum popped in mid morning after her visit to the opticians and we sat in the lounge drinking water and eating egg mayonnaise sandwiches. We would normally sit at the table in the conservatory but as soon as she walked in the door the children jumped on her and said "Nana, you will melt, don't go in there". We spent a lovely couple of hours chatting about how it is very difficult to buy clothes to fit her as she is so tiny whilst I have the opposite problem (lets not go into that) and various other things.

I'm looking forward to taking the children out for the morning tomorrow, we are going to pop into the town centre and we might go to the cinema before we buy the dreaded school uniform for back to school. I have been lucky enough to be given twelve new school shirts from a friend who bought them for her son but they don't fit him luckily my two little boys are the same size and they fit both of them. Big Yay for bargains!

We won't be joined by Liam as he has work or by my fourteen year old as he is meeting a young lady in town who he has been friends with from Cadets for a couple of years but has not seen during the summer holidays as she has been in Spain for the last four weeks. He has already had a shower and taken himself off to bed. He is quite excited!

I find it incredibly difficult to know what to cook on a hot day. What do you do for dinner when its hot? Yesterday we just had sandwiches but I didn't want the children to not have a proper meal or a second day so this morning I put mince and tomato sauce in the slow cooker and made a lasagne with salad and rustic cheese and tomato bread. It worked out very well, the house didn't become overheated because the oven wasn't put on and dinner was ready and done nice and early so we could set up the Anki Overdrive and play racing games until bedtime.

Have a nice relaxing evening, I'm off to watch 'The great British bake off'.

Take care xx


  1. Oh I read this morning that France was going through a heatwave and I didn't think that you might be getting one too! I'm sorry to hear that. Poor kids lying down on the floor to keep cool! You can wet towels and put them on their legs and turn a fan on, if you have one, it really helps. I'm worried about my mom and wondering how she's handling it. I've been begging her to buy a portable air conditioner for her bedroom but she keeps on saying "oh, it doesn't happen that often, I'm fine."

    How is your dad doing?

    How cute that your son is all excited to go see his lady friend, lol. I hope the anticipation was worth it :) Haa, I remember being that age and pinning for my boyfriend during summer holidays.

    Now, don't go tell my kids that I had a boyfriend at 14 (well, 13, actually). They all think that I was much more of a goodie two shoes than I actually was and I actively discourage them from dating until they're much older, lol. Why? Because I don't need the teenage drama and angst over boyfriends/girlfriends! So, good luck with that!

    Have fun at the movies tomorrow. What are you going to see?

    1. It really is hot from what I can gather its the same in France. Your poor mum bless her I hope she is ok. I dint realise you can get portable air conditioning units I will have to research them, we do have a fan but they just seem to circulate the warm air.

      Dad is going to be having chemo, the hormone therapy has stopped working so the only option now is chemo to try and shock the body into accepting the hormone therapy to work again. Its rubbish really. How is Greg's dad doing?

      She is a lovely girl I met her today. He had a girlfriend from school a few months ago and that wasn't the best.

      We went to see Alice through the looking glass and we all really enjoyed it a lot. We got it on an offer of £2.50 each so very worth it. Xx

    2. Yes, when it's hot, fans are almost useless because they don't cool the air, they just recirculate it. In order to get a sensation of cool, you should put wet towels on you and then aim the fan at the towels, and that'll cool you off for a little bit, but it's also somewhat uncomfortable.

      I'm sorry to hear that the hormone therapy has stopped working for your dad. It's tough. The doctor told Greg's dad that he needs to complete 2 more cycles of immunotherapy (which I take it is also a form of chemo) before they can do another scan to see if his tumors are responding. I also think it's "rubbish", it feels like they're using him as a guinea pig, honestly. So the scan can't take place for another month. In the meantime, his dad seems OK, well, as OK as he can be, but he can manage. So Greg is coming back this weekend and will probably go back in a month or so, after his business trip to Canada that he cannot postpone, apparently.

      I'm glad you liked your son's friend. It's uncomfortable when they date someone we don't really like! Good job getting the tickets for such a low price! The cheapest our theater will go is $6 per person but that's only on certain Tuesdays and only for matinees and not for movies that were just released. It's too expensive!