Monday, 8 August 2016

No I won't just sit and watch the Olympics!

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ours was quite active and my hips are feeling a touch tender today but not tender enough to get out of going for a run but I must admit I did have to force myself so we didn't run any further than our normal route.

Today, I decided to hoover and dust the whole of downstairs because I don't want the rooms that I have cleaned thoroughly to become a mess again, so if I keep on top of it then it should stay nice.

I also cleaned out a further two kitchen cupboards.

I didn't take a before photo of the sauce cupboard but I did have to throw quite a few bits of sauces away that were out of date

This is the before photo of our food cupboard

There doesn't that look better (Liam said it looks like we have no food)

I then sat with son Liam and watched the Olympics, which we both thoroughly enjoy, I ironed whilst watching as I really can't just sit watching Tele. I spent about five hours ironing and I still haven't finished so I guess I will have to sit and watch more Olympics tomorrow and finish it. (shame!)

We sold a further two items on Ebay today and I have added another four. I have also boxed up some more items to send off to Ziffit. We currently have £9.50 worth of stuff but as I am going to declutter my room this week and I have quite a lot of books I am going to wait to send it off.

Money spent today

£5.20 on Groceries (Nan bread, Chicken breasts, Curry sauce) for tonight dinner

Food eaten today:-

Breakfast - Peach

Lunch - Egg mayonnaise salad sandwich and a chicken breast

Dinner - Chicken Curry and rice

Snack - Ben and Jerry ice cream sandwich

I have logged my food on my fitness pal and I was within my limits for everything except fat which I was over by 7. I am quite happy with that as I have had a hungry day. I have also drunk 6 glasses of water.

Well that's it from me I'm off to watch the gymnastics.

Take care xx


  1. Are you counting your 5 hours of ironing as physical activity? I would! 5 hours!!!

    Well done, my dear, well done!

    1. Ha ha I wish. I wouldn't mind if I had got it finished in those five hours. I now know why I can't get everything done when I'm at work though and feel better about the fact that I'm not just useless at organising my time as I'm advised quite often. Haha xxx