Thursday, 11 August 2016

A whole spare cupboard - Never!

Good afternoon, I hope you have had a good day. We are enjoying our third week off school but its going far to quickly!


  •  Cleaned out a kitchen cupboard and moved the items into the cupboard next door so that it is empty
  • Cleaned my bedroom window
  • Cleaned out my daughters Chest of drawers
  • Cleaned out my daughters bedroom (the clothes that are too small are currently on her bed)
  • Cleaned out the fridge
That's about all I achieved on the cleaning front today mainly because my daughters room is quite a task (she is clothes obsessed).

Nice clear cupboard - if I find any bargains they can go in here!

Clean fridge.

I didn't post pictures of our clean bathroom yesterday so I thought I would show you today.

Food and Exercise

  • Breakfast - 1oz Cinnamon squares and skimmed milk
  • Lunch - Ham and Tomato sandwich
  • Dinner - Hotdog in a roll with a tablespoon of homemade chilli
  • Snacks - Apple, Melon and 3 Rice cakes
I also had six glasses of water.
Exercise - We went for a run tonight and pushed it a little bit harder. My leg and backside muscles are aching a little tonight, I could do with a nice relax in the bath.

Money Matters

I had five items ending on Ebay today and none of them sold even though they all had watchers so I'm a little disappointed but I have more items to put on so maybe I will try these items again in a couple of weeks.

I spent £14.00 on post today for the items I have sold on Ebay.

I also went to Aldi as I had run out of fruit I spent £8.50 and bought Apples, bananas, watermelon, peaches, tomatoes and rice cakes

I then went to ASDA and spent another £8.50 on Hotdogs, rolls, cheese slices and diet coke.


I don't really have much to tell you on the personal front as nothing has happened today I have just been busy plodding on with the house. I sat down with the children earlier and we discussed their holiday homework, my daughter is currently researching air raid shelters as her  topic for the start of the year is World War 2. She is going to write a diary about how a child that had to spend time in an air raid shelter felt.
My nine year old is doing a fact file about space, he has already written his up and is in the process of typing it up on the computer, he is then going to draw each of the planets and stick them around the edge.
My seven year old has two homework he has to complete a hexagon about himself and the things he likes he also has to read a book and write a book review about it so we spent an hour reading Spy Dogs and discussing the things that he liked in the story so far.

Tomorrow is our last day without my fourteen year old, the ten days have gone quickly even though we have missed him lots. I haven't missed the teenage strops!

Have a great evening

Take care xx


  1. I had cinnamon cereal with milk for breakfast too! And I thought about cleaning my fridge but I didn't do it. I need to wait until it's less full. I just added it to my To Do list so thanks for the inspiration.

    Well done going running again! Do you run on the street in your neighborhood or is there some kind of a trail or path nearby? I was hoping my daughter would get up early to go on a walk with me but she slept until 11:30 and then she went to visit her best friend and she's still there. She rode a tandem today, apparently.

    I can't believe that it's been 10 days already since your son left. I'll bet you'll be happy to have been back and have those nightly chats with him again :)

    1. Ha ha Twins! I love Cinnamon cereal. Yum!

      There's a little path at the back of us that we run down we don't normally see many people other than the odd dog walker.

      Shame about the walk perhaps she will go with you tomorrow.

      Aren't tandems really difficult to ride?

      Yeah I am looking forward to our chats bless him

    2. Yes, she said it was hard to ride it so they didn't go very far. Our neighborhood is on a slight hill and the tandem doesn't have various speeds from what I gather.