Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cinema time!

Good Morning, Can you believe it is Thursday already? I don't know where the time is going at the moment. We have almost been off school for two weeks now and I know a lot of my American friends children are heading back to school next week. Dare I say it before we know it guys it will be Christmas, l know I'm sorry I mentioned the C-word.

The above photo was taken on our walk to town which was very pleasant. Our local cinema has two older films on that are £2.50 per person so this morning we decided to go and see the Angry Birds Movie. It was actually much better than I expected and very funny. We had a lovely morning.

We then came home and sat down to lunch together. We sat at the table for almost an hour.

After lunch the children went and played while I finished cleaning the playroom. I just need to put the children toys in their bedrooms now but I've decided not to do that until I have cleaned and decluttered their bedrooms. So here are the photo's of the playroom.

The good news is I've completed both rooms in under a week! I also cleaned out two more kitchen cupboards today. I didn't take photo's of these but I cleaned out the cereal cupboard and the drinks cupboard.

As I have a few days left of this week I am going to start Liam and my fourteen year olds room early. I have decided to leave the kitchen and the conservatory for a couple of weeks and concentrate on the boys room while I've got chance to pull everything out of it. I will still do two kitchen cupboards but the main focus will be upstairs now.

A further five items were listed on Ebay today. I really need to start making some more money to reach my £305 total by the time we go back to school.

Tonight, I have been invited round to the teacher that I worked for last years house for a coffee. I really like her a lot so it will be lovely to see her.

I'm hoping that I still get to go for a run tonight because as things stand this morning I haven't actually lost any weight this week. (so sad!)

Well I hope you have a lovely evening.

Take care xx


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I thought you lived in the city but the picture of your walk into town makes it look like you live in the countryside!

    Don't get discouraged with the lack of weight loss. Stay the course! You're doing so well with all your projects! I need to make the time to exercise too. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, sometimes!

    1. We do live in a city but it has lots of trees, hedgerows , park areas etc, its not massively built up.

      I'm not going to Nathalie it really doesn't matter to me how long it takes as long as I feel better this time, and I'm starting to.

      I know that feeling of not enough hours in a day. When I go running I'm only out for about twenty minutes but I feel like I'm living a life of pure luxury at the minute because I have so much time.

      Are you using your bike at the minute?