Saturday, 27 August 2016

Pizza and Movie night

Good evening,

Have you had a nice relaxed Saturday?

Things around here have been quite chilled out, in fact I actually woke up at 11.15 today (oh the benefits of having children that can get their own breakfast). In my defence of being a bad mum, it has been so hard to sleep in this heat!

So, after a late start we decided not to go out today but to have an easy meal and movie evening. The kids voted on Pizza for dinner and the movie was Transylvania 2, which has been a much awaited film in our house.

I headed off to Tesco as they have a pizza counter where they make the pizza's fresh while you wait.

We got a variety of Pizza's including Meat Feast, Cheese and Tomato and Hawaiian which everyone happily helped themselves to

Then we all settled down and watched the movie together, I don't want to give the story away but it has some very funny parts in it and jokes that will appeal to adults.

I provided the children with some snacks while they were watching the movie. Do you like the cones? They are perfect for holding little snacks and treats for children.

Have a nice evening and take care xx


  1. OK, so I'm about to heat up pizza for our own dinner so seeing pictures of yours didn't bother me in the least. But the snack cones, WITH THE PIMS?! (some of my very favorite cookies!) YOU ARE EVIL!


    I'm glad you got to sleep in, especially, as you said, it's been so hot and hard to sleep. I do hope it cools off for you guys soon. We just got a little bit of rain here. Not enough but I'll take any rain at this point.

    It sounds like you are having a very good weekend. Are you all still on break next week? And then you go back?

    1. Hey, I was just reading your post when your name popped up. Ha ha

      I didn't have any of the cones, I promise. Yeah we call those cookies Jaffa cakes and the kids love them and complained that I only gave them two each.

      I think its meant to call down a bit tomorrow, I'm glad you've had a bit of rain.

      I'm off till Wednesday and on Thursday we have a team building day and have to do an assault course! Ugh!

      The kids go back Friday apart from my fourteen year old who has to go in at 11.30 on Friday, what is the point?

      I hope your having a nice weekend xx