Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Daughters bedroom - complete

Good Evening. I hope you have had a nice day.

  • Three conservatory windows cleaned
  • One kitchen cupboard cleaned
  • Daughters old curtains taken down, pole cleaned and new curtains put up (I've had these for over a year)
  • Daughters bedding washed and put back on the bed
  • Daughters bedroom polished
  • All make up taken out and make up bags put in washing machine (daughters)
  • Daughters bedroom vacuumed
It has taken me a few days to sort and clean my daughters bedroom as I had to sort out her clothes (she had age 6+ clothes in there). She sorted out what books and DVDs she wanted to keep and what we could either sell or take to the charity shop. We sorted through all her drawers, I do need to still empty one drawer that has all her old princess dresses in but I want to wash these and either sell them or give them to the school for dress ups in the early years department. My daughters curtains were a disgrace she had got make up all over the back of them which is why I was a bit nervous about putting her new ones in there and why it has taken me so long but we discussed how she is ten now and how she needs to look after her things because otherwise she will earn the next ones. (maid ahoy ha ha)

Another room complete just our bedroom, the youngest boys bedroom, the kitchen and the conservatory to go but as you know I am doing the kitchen and conservatory as I go along, rooms like that are easier broken down into small bits.

Food and Exercise

I was a bit upset this morning because I got on the scales and it said I had put on three pounds, I have stayed within my 1280 calorie allowance every day for the last 21 days so I could not work out how this had happened, then I realised I had fallen into weighing myself every day again and this always disheartens me so I sat down and had a cup of coffee and I good think about why I was allowing myself to feel this way and why I wanted to lose weight in the first place.

  • Because I was feeling unwell and wanted to feel better - I feel much better than I did when I started, I have much more energy (I realise I am off work too so this help)
  • I want to be around for my children longer - I'm not in control of this but I'm quite an active person anyway and by doing regular exercise, trying to lose weight and eating healthily it should make a difference
  • I want to look half decent on the odd occasion I go out - I've already lost 11 (well maybe 8) lbs so I'm won't look worse even if I don't look better
So in conclusion there is no rush to achieve any goals because I am doing this for me so if I do put on a few pounds as long as I continue trying its not changing anything and I need to weigh myself a maximum of once a week. I did put my measurements on my fitness pal and I will check those every month to see if I'm losing inches.

  • Breakfast - 1oz Rice Kristie with skimmed milk
  • Lunch - Egg and tomato sandwich and bag of discos
  • Dinner - Ham, new potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, Sweetcorn
  • Snacks - Mint Cornetto
I allowed myself a mint Cornetto as a snack today because when I put my food into my fitness pal I was 300 under my allowance and it advised me that I hadn't eaten enough so I thought I deserved a treat.

Money Matters

The money that I spent today was £10.50 on bread, coffee, new potatoes, Sweetcorn and milk

Lots of items were listed on Ebay today, they were put on in bundles to avoid too many listing charges, I also listed some items on Facebook sales. Hopefully they will sell.

Have a lovely evening, I'm going to sit and watch the olympic cycling.

Take care xx


  1. The room looks very nice, Tara!

    I'm trying to weigh myself only once a week. It worked with Weight Watchers so it'll have to work for me. Greg was weighing himself obsessively every day and it worked for him, but I don't exercise as intensively as he did. You're brave to input your measurements into MFP! I don't think that I can do it in the version that we have here. Where did you go to add yours and did you use the PC version or an app on your phone?

    Good luck with your sales!

    1. Ah thank Nathalie, I just want it to stay like that!

      Its so hard to just weigh yourself once a week. I use the computer to input my details it is in the same area as where you put your weight but above it says measurements and you just input it there. I was a bit surprised because my hips always used to be the same as my bust but now my hips are bigger. (ah I might be becoming an apple) ha ha

      I think men lose weight quicker too whenever Ben decides to lose weight it comes off quickly.

      I gave in and weighed myself today and I've gone back to where I was, very strange! Xx

  2. the bedroom looks great! I'm behind on cleaning this week. Do you include moving furniture or exercise on my fitness pal, I did the other day and you saw the difference it made! I sell items on ebay as well and I donate a percentage of your sale to the charity of your choice and we'll give you a credit on basic selling fees for sold items - it's only 10% per items but it's a credit on fees! :-) Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo, the problem with cleaning is that its always there!

      No I haven't included moving furniture on my fitness pal, I think because I clean every day (not that it looks like it) its not something I've thought about.

      Oh I'll have to consider doing that the fees really irritate me but Facebook sales aren't great. Xx