Friday, 5 August 2016

Friday Frenzy

Good evening dear friends. Can you believe its Friday again? I confess I feel like sitting in the corner, rocking and rapidly repeating... going to quick, going to quick over and over again! Not the normal Friday feeling and I'm not sure that's normal but hey that's how it is!

Breakfast this morning was quite difficult as someone had eaten all the puffed wheat, oh ok yes that someone was me. And I'm trying to cut down on bread so I had a nectarine. Maybe I should have had more but lunch made up for it.

Lunch was a pleasant affair in the garden with the sun shining (yes I said sun) we had corned beef and salad pitta breads with a slice of banana loaf and the kids had crisps too. It was very relaxing and we could have stayed out there all afternoon, but that wouldn't have got much done now would it!

The area to be decluttered and spring cleaned today was Liam and my fourteen year olds room (and before you ask... No I haven't heard from him). These were the jobs I completed in their room today:-
  • Decluttered the airing cupboard
  • Decluttered my fourteen year old wardrobe
  • Sorted the bedside cabinet
  • Sorted the chest of drawers

Before photo

After photo.

I still need to :-
  • Clean the window
  • Wash the walls and the skirting board
  • Clean the light switch
  • Liam's wardrobe needs sorting but he told me he will do his on Monday
While I was sorting things I found lots of pens, pencils and general stationary still in their packs ready for back to school. I also found three of Liam's upper school ties which my fourteen year old will need this year. Yay

We then went to the park.

We decided not to go for a run tonight because we have run every day this week.

I put some more bits on Ebay today and sold some books for £4.00.

I am now going to snuggle up in bed and start watching the second series of 'The Killing' on Netflix.

Take care xx

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