Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A new day and a chat with my son, hoorah!

Hello dear friends. I just want to apologise for yesterdays depressing post, I am feeling much better today. I hope you have had a nice day.


I decided after cleaning the bathroom yesterday to do a few small jobs so this is what I did today:-
  • Cleaned the patio door windows
  • Cleaned out one of the two largest cupboards in my kitchen
  • Cleaned the window in the oldest two boys bedroom
  • Used a bleach and bicarbonate soda mix to scrub the grout in the bathroom with a toothbrush
  • Cleaned bens and my bedside cabinet
Food and Exercise

  • Breakfast - Melon
  • Lunch - Corned beef sandwich, few paprika crisps and mini cake
  • Dinner - Chilli and Rice (leftovers made and going into the freezer)
  • Snack - Apple
It is the wrong time of the month for me at the moment and I always get a sweet tooth so today I allowed myself a mini cake that my mum made but I have logged it on my fitness pal.

Exercise - We went for a run tonight it was just our standard run and we did have to stop for a tort time as my daughter came too and got a stitch. Ha see I'm fitter than the kids ha ha.

Money Matters

I received £2.00 for one of the toys I sold of my daughters. I also sold another item on Ebay tonight.

I have been to the shops twice today, I walked earlier but I also needed milk which was too heavy to carry so I had to go again.

I spent £8.20 the first time I went which was for deodorant, bleach, kitchen roll, bicarbonate soda and some apple juice. The second time I also spent £8.00 and this time I bought milk, cereal, crackers, bread for 10p, two packs of rolls for 10p each, a couple of packs of popcorn reduced to 65p each.

Personal Stuff

I spent a lovely afternoon watching the Olympics and chatting with Liam. He is planning on going to Chicago in January so we had a chat about the things that are there and the hotels. It was nice.

Then this evening just after I got back from my run my fourteen year old rang. He spoke mainly to Ben but we had a little giggle about the fact that he has almost eaten the mountain of food that I sent him with. He told me a few things that he had been doing and that he is thoroughly enjoying himself which is all I can ask for. He comes home on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to seeing him!

Have a lovely evening,

Take care xx


  1. No need to apologise for yesterday, we all get like that sometimes, good news that your son had rang, I bet it was nice to hear from him. I like how you put things in categories, easier to read. I hoovered up yesterday and put one lot of washing on but that was about it. Oh I sold something in my Etsy online shop as well :-) xx

    1. Thanks I think I will keep putting it in categories for the time being its quite easy to post and look back on. Well done for selling on your Easy shop that's brilliant news xx