Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Lazy Lazy Wednesday

Mmmm, looks good hey. This is an ironic photo because every morning no matter what time Ben leaves for work I get up and make him a coffee and give him some lunch to take for work but not this morning, no this lazy person slept through the alarm and didn't get up until 8.30! So this is what a nice morning coffee looks like if your lucky enough to have someone get one for you. Ha ha

I must admit I have paid the price for oversleeping this morning, I have been tired all day. Why does that happen?


    • Cleaned out a kitchen cupboard
    • Changed one of my sons beds (I was given a new duvet and pillows by Bens mum)
    • Cleaned the kitchen
    • Vacuumed downstairs
    • Hung the washing out
    • Wiped the bathroom over
    • Vacuumed the stairs
As you can see I didn't actually get very much done.

Food and Exercise
  • Breakfast - Rice Kristie and skimmed milk
  • Lunch - Chicken salad sandwich and bag of discos
  • Dinner - Tuna and cheese salad with a mango yoghurt for desert
  • Snacks - none today
Exercise - We went for a run this evening. It was just myself and my nine year old and it was really enjoyable as he chats when he runs.

I have logged my food and exercise on my fitness pal and I was about 400 calories under my allowance. I did weigh myself this morning after everything that I said yesterday and I am back to what I was the day before so I don't really know what that little blip was about.

Money Matters

I went to the supermarket this evening as I was running low on snacks and the children were getting a bit forlorn that we had no goodies. So £33.00 was spent in the supermarket tonight which is fine because I haven't actually gone shopping this week.

One item sold on Ebay today. Yay!


I printed off some empty multiplication grids today and all the children (apart from Liam of course) completed one. We are going to do this every day until they go back to school. We time this so I'm hoping to see a big improvement.

My nine year old finished his homework (he is the one that dislike doing homework the most so I'm very impressed).

I think I'm going to go up and have a bath and read my book for a while.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx

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  1. "As you can see I didn't actually get very much done." Huh??????
    This is what you consider not much? You vacuumed the whole downstairs AND the staircase? I vacuumed some of my downstairs and cleaned the kitchen. I am done like toast.