Monday, 22 August 2016

Happy Birthday baby - 8 Today!

Hello dear friends.

Today the youngest member of the house and my baby turned 8! Time has flown by and putting eight candles on his birthday cake felt a little bit surreal.

Birthdays in our house are never a massive affair but the aim is for the birthday boy/girl to finish the day realising how special they are to every other member of the family.

The day began by a couple of presents being opened (the majority are saved until daddy comes home)

This was followed up by the children going off to play with the little ones new Xbox game for an hour while I had a shower and cleaned up from breakfast.

We then headed of to the park for an hour before popping to the shops to pick up dinner which was chosen by the birthday boy and resulted in us all having hot dogs with lattice fries and onion rings. (Yes even me, oops sorry diet but I did refrain from having any birthday cake).

When we got home we watched Zootropolis together but someone forgot to dish out the popcorn...

Then daddy came home and the rest of the presents were opened and the true playtime began as his main present was the car game Maki overdrive (I will do a review on this in the next few days as Christmas is just on the horizon and I can see this becoming a family favourite)

Uncle Jason and Auntie Sarah came over and joined in with the fun. And then it was time for birthday cake.
And that brought to the end the final one of the kids birthdays for this year. It didn't cost a fortune but there was lots of laughter, hugs and smiles and they all went off to bed feeling happy and contented.
I hope you've had a great day and take care xx

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