Thursday, 18 August 2016

Thursdays Update

Hell lovely people, I hope you are having a lovely day. Our day has been full of our usual activities but as normal it has been another nice day.


  • Clean one of the windows in the conservatory (two to go but there is a spider on the next window YUK!)
  • Sorted my two little mens wardrobe and chest of drawers.
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Vacuumed downstairs
  • Dusted downstairs
  • Vacuumed the stairs
  • Cleaned the bathroom
Sorting through the boys wardrobes made me realise that the only new items that they need for this winter is a couple of pairs of trousers. Plus a couple of bits of new uniform again mainly trouser.

Food and Exercise

  • Breakfast - Rice krispies and skimmed milk
  • Lunch - Spaghetti hoops on toast
  • Dinner - Gammon, handful of chips, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pineapple
  • Snacks - yoghurt
We went for our usual run tonight but I found it really hard work today, I'm not sure whether this was because we went fairly soon after having dinner.

Money spent

We walked to the shop mid morning and bought some food for lunch and dinner this cost £15.00 and consisted of:-

6 Gammon steaks
Oven chips
Pineapple rings
Milk x2
Spaghetti hoops x2
wets for the children


The children worked really hard on heir maths today so I decided to treat them to some sweets. I don't let them have sweets very often as they were getting too used to having them on a regular basis.

I have been doing some lunch box planning and discussing with the children what they like to eat at lunchtime and whether they would be able to start organising their own lunches (after a little push from Nathalie ha ha).

School dinners for the little ones works out to £10.00 per week each and quite a lot more than that for my fourteen year old. My almost eight year old will not have school dinners under any circumstances so it seems easier to do packed lunches for them all as it has to be bought for one anyway. I have been researching the best places for buying lunch items at a good price, its currently looking like the best deal would be to do an online shop from poundland as they sell most of the healthy snack items at a much better price than the Supermarkets. It also works out the best place to buy bottles of water and cartons of drink.

I will keep you updated as I continue my research.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. I'm so impressed by how focused you've been while you've been off. I'd have spent all my days just watching TV!

    So what did the kids say about packing their own lunches?

    I always forget what gammon is and I have to look it up every single time you talk about it! I don't know why it's always so hard for me to remember that it's uncooked ham. Maybe I'll add a sticky to my laptop, lol.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Nathalie I'm trying.

      They were all quite excited about it apart to my fourteen year old who you would have thought I had asked to clean the whole house every day. Xx

    2. Nathalie it was my fault the comment formatting changed! I was mucking about with it earlier and didn't even notice it had changed until I got your message. Thank you for letting me know, repaired now xxx