Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sundays Update

Good Evening, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

Its been an active one around here we got up and went straight out for a run. It was just myself and my nine year old today, we normally run two lamp posts and then walk two lamp posts and repeat for twenty minutes but today we went for it we ran five lamp posts then walked two then ran three and walked two and repeated that for twenty minutes. From tomorrow we will have been running for two weeks so we are going to increase our time to twenty five minutes.

We decided after lunch to take the children swimming, we haven't been for a while so I wanted to see how they had improved after their school swimming lessons. We spent about three hours at the swimming pool, the children thoroughly enjoyed jumping in the deep end, doing forward rolls and handstands in the water as well as swimming and it was further exercise for me. Yay!

Update time:-

  • I have lost 2lb this week
  • We have run five times
  • The playroom has been tidied and cleaned
  • The downstairs toilet has been tidied and cleaned
  • Two of the windows in the conservatory have been cleaned
  • Four kitchen cupboards have been cleaned
  •  Over the two weeks we have earned £85.00 towards my daughters school trip (I would have liked to have reached the £100.00 mark really but it just means we will have to work harder next week)

Things we have done for fun together:-
  • Been to the Cinemas
  • Been swimming
  • Been to the park together twice
  • Eaten lunch in the garden
  • Read stories
Next week the plan is to :-
  1. Finish cleaning the two eldest boys room
  2. Clean the upstairs bathroom
  3. Clean and declutter my bedroom
  4. Take the children out for a couple of bike rides
  5. Take the children out for another picnic
  6. Try and earn an extra £65.00 from selling things

Food Eaten today:-

Breakfast - 1 Weetabix and milk
Lunch - Egg mayonnaise sandwich and flat peach
Dinner - 2 Chicken drumsticks, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, pickled onion
Snack - piece of Honeydew Melon, plum and flat peach

There's my weekly update complete. I hope you have a lovely evening.

Take care xx


  1. Hi my fitness pal username is sykesssillysite, Jo x

    1. Jo, I think I need your email to add you. It wont let me xx

    2. sorry only just seen this, did you put in 3 s's for the username? I've just sent a message to Tara, hope it's you :-) xx

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  2. I love that you include your weekly goals for FUN, as well as the usual cleaning, sorting, diet and exercise, etc. Good luck to you this week on obtaining more funds for your daughter's upcoming trip.

    1. Hi Susan, It can't be all work and no play else it'll make Tara a dull girl. Haha. Truly though I don't do as much fun things in the holidays as I would like wit the kids Susan but everything is so expensive these days.
      Fingers crossed that I make more money, I don't like owing money xxx