Monday, 15 August 2016

Mondays Here!

Hello friends, wow don't these weekends shoot by quickly.


    • Vacuumed downstairs
    • Cleaned the outside of the kitchen cupboard
    • Two loads of washing
    • Dishwasher on
    • Small amount of ironing
    • Washed the outside of my daughters wardrobe and drawer system
    • Cleaned and polished my daughters bookcase
    • Pulled out and vacuumed behind my daughters wardrobe and drawer system
    • Vacuumed my daughters bedroom floor
I tidied up downstairs, I don't want it becoming messy again and then went back upstairs to do more work on my daughters bedroom, we have already sorted out her clothes and today she sorted out what books she wanted to keep and get rid of. I'm hoping that I should be able to finish her room tomorrow.

Food and Exercise

  • Breakfast - Rice Kristie and skimmed milk
  • Lunch - Egg sandwich and few cheese biscuits
  • Dinner - Tuna salad sub and pineapple chunks
  • Snacks - Rice cakes and Tuck biscuits
I have been struggling with my food the last couple of days. I have felt really hungry and really struggled to know what to eat. I am still very determined to keep losing weight and exercising but I think I need to research healthy recipes and come up with a filling menu for this week. I will keep you updated on how I get on.

Money Matters

Money spent today

  • £2.99 Over door hooks for my daughters coat/school bag and dressing gown
  • £4.75 Curtain rings for my daughters curtains
  • £13.00 Sausage and chips for family
  • £3.00 Tuna Salad Sub
  • £10.00 Drinks for our cupboard
  • £2.00 Eggs
I have listed a few items on Ebay, Facebook sales and listed £16.00 of books on Ziffit.

We shouldn't really have had a takeaway tonight as we are trying to save money but I had nothing to go with the Chicken that I got out of the freezer so we will have that for dinner tomorrow with vegetables and potatoes.


My darling Liam has booked his flights to Chicago in January to look at some more universities.

I am really proud of my two eldest boys as they are working together to help my fourteen year old to improve his maths. They have come up with a plan on how to work through the GCSE syllabus to ensure he is confident by the time he has to do his exams. He seriously lacks confidence in himself but voiced how nervous he is that he is not going to achieve the scores he wants to get into college so Liam told him he would help him to become more confident in his maths ability.

I painted my finger and toenails today just to give myself a little boost.

Have a lovely evening and take care xxx


  1. Wow, it's awesome that your 2 oldest are drawing up a plan to help their little brother! You must be so proud of them!

    Chicago in January... he's going to freeze! Make sure he bundles up! On the plus side, the flight was probably pretty cheap, no?

    I'm sorry that you're struggling with your food. I'm very hungry in the afternoons so I try to stay busy, drink a lot, and have a rice cake at mid-afternoon. Also, going to bed earlier has helped as I always got hungry as soon as Greg went to bed if I stayed up later than he did. Now I'm asleep and my stomach lives me alone during that time, lol. I was dying last night, though, as we watched 3 episodes back to back of the Great British Baking Show. Arrrgh. I wanted pastries so badly. Even their worst sounding ones looked good to me. Iced buns, though? Those looked like hot dog buns with cream in the middle. That looked pretty disgusting. I'd still have eaten it. LOL.

    Well, I'm off to cook dinner. I don't want to. Ugh.

    1. Hi Nathalie

      I am really pleased to see them working together, it makes me feel so proud.

      Flights were very reasonable £380, for some strange reason that boy loves the cold (not like his mother at all).

      My scales say I have put on six pounds today, how? I have stayed within 1280 calories every day. I don't really eat after dinner thank goodness but its still hard. I guess I'm eating the wrong things.
      mmm pastries they are solo good. Why is it always fattening stuff that tastes nice. So not fair!

      Yuk cooking, don't envy you my dear xxx