Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The house is too quiet!

Good Evening, On our way back from our run we saw the most beautiful sunset, we ran home to get the camera and by the time we got back we just managed to catch the tail end of it.

Well this morning my darling fourteen year old left for his camp. I will admit to being one of two parents left to see them onto the coach but I'm glad I did because at least I know he was on a luxury coach with air conditioning and that all the paperwork that he had to hand in for their foreign excursion was all as it should be. Although I charged his phone last night, put a charger in his bag and put a spare fully charged power unit in his bag I haven't heard from him, am I surprised? No not at all!


We came home and the house was quiet. The children played in the garden while I talked to Liam about where he would like to visit in America next. We chatted for a couple of hours while I pottered and made lunch.

After Liam left I worked a bit more on cleaning the playroom. I pulled the television out and vacuumed and dusted behind it and then cleaned the television unit, washed the window and skirting boards.  Tomorrow I need to repair our curtains one of the loops has come undone and I need to clean the light. We currently have my youngest sons cars in a box in the playroom and another box with both youngest boys Lego in. I would like to sort the Lego into colours and put it in a drawer system unit for them but I need to get a cheap drawer system from a charity shop first. I would then like to put all the boys toys in their bedroom so that the playroom is toy free apart from games. It will still have the television, the Xbox and their books in there too.

We then went to the post office and sent off some items that had sold on Ebay, and listed three more items in the hopes that they sell. I feel like I'm slacking a bit on the selling front this week.

As you know we went for a run after dinner. I found it much easier tonight but I have a little lump that has come up on the back of my left ankle that feels a little bit sore so I think I will put some muscle relaxant on it before I go to bed.

Have a lovely evening, take care xx


  1. Gorgeous picture! I'm not surprised that you son hasn't called yet, mine NEVER call me. Arrgh, boys! Where is he going for his foreign excursion?

    I hope your foot is OK!

    If you don't mind, I would advise you NOT to waste your time sorting the LEGOS by color. You're just creating more work and stress for yourself because I can guarantee you that the kids will never ever sort them back by color and then you'll get all flustered about it. Ask me how I know. LOL.

    You did a lot of cleaning again! I haven't done anything today but gone shopping and sit on my butt. It feels good, hahaha.

    Have a great day on Thursday! XOXO

    1. No, I'm not surprised either. I was discussing with Liam earlier why he has always stayed in touch with me. But he said he just likes to stay in touch.

      He is off to Belgium.

      My foot will be fine I'm just going to keep putting some muscle stuff on the back. Its probably because my bodies just not used to it.

      No of course I don't mind. My boys are so messy it drives me up the wall, sometimes I can't even get in their bedroom. BOYS!

      The only reason I am doing so much is because I know how difficult it is going to be when I'm working full time. Besides your shopping is quite full on my dear, I think I would want to sit on my butt after doing that amount of shopping