Tuesday, 2 August 2016

My sweet boy is fourteen! How?

Hello, I hope you are having a nice day.

Our day has been lovely, we got up early to get the house nice and tidy before my darling birthday boy came down.

When he was awake I offered to make him breakfast in bed but he chose to come down and he had tea and maple and white chocolate chip pancakes. For the first day since we broke up I didn't have any breakfast.

We sat around watching movies until my mum arrived and then we all sat at the table for the next four hours, had some lunch and chatted loads. Liam and my fourteen year old had us in stitches, they are so different but when both are in a good mood they compliment each other perfectly.

After mum had gone home we sat listening to music and singing and talking some more, it was good fun.  Liam left late afternoon as it is also one of his best friends birthday and he was going out with him for the evening. When they were younger my fourteen year old used to complain that Liam was never there on his birthday because every year his friend would incite him to the zoo.

My fourteen year old and I popped out to get a takeaway for dinner and when we got back my brother and sister in law had arrived. They stayed for about an hour, my poor brother is having problems with one of his wisdom teeth and can't eat or drink very well. He has the dentist tomorrow, I hope they sort it out for him.

We are now sitting watching Kung Fu panda 3 with duvets and pillow all over the lounge.

It has been a very unhealthy day with no running, takeaway and birthday cake but that's what birthdays are for isn't it?

We have to get up early tomorrow to take Ben to work early and come back and pick up my sons inhalers and then take him to the coach ready for his camp.

Take care, sleep tight xx


  1. Sounds like it was a grand birthday celebration. Look at you offering your child breakfast in bed! I won't tell my 14 year old about it, lol. I don't really like birthdays usually I arrange for a cake (either I bake it or I buy it from Publix) and presents and that's pretty much it. I know, I'm a terrible mom! My daughter turns 18 in a month and that's a big deal so I should do something better than that but I don't know what and frankly, I don't have the energy. I need to talk to her about it next week to see what she might have in mind. I don't even know what to get her as a present!

    Did you like Kung Fu Panda 3? I haven't seen it yet but the first one was hysterical. My son saw the latest one at the library and said it was funny.

    Good luck tomorrow with the drop-off and everything! I hope he has a grand time at camp!

    1. Hahaha, they only get offered breakfast in bed on their birthdays or if they are ill, I'm not that kind Nathalie.

      For Liam's 18th birthday his dad threw him a barbecue in the garden with all his family and friends invited.

      What about going somewhere really nice to dinner together?

      Kung Fu panda 3 was actually really funny. We all enjoyed it. Its definitely worth a watch xxx