Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A daily update

My daughter chose todays picture. It is very typically her, whilst most of the girls in her class now like black and won't wear dresses she still loves her pink floaty numbers and if I ever mention it she always says I love pink and I love dresses and I am me and I don't need to look like anyone else.

And I love that she is individual and doesn't follow the crowd.

I was going to have a half day today but when I walked out of work it was pouring with rain so I turned around and went straight back in, to work on some spreadsheets that needed updating for the new term. Because of this I really haven't got very much done at all at home especially as I have joined the other 80% of the school that has blocked noses and razor blades in their throats. Yuk!

I did walk six miles today though.

Oh and I weighed myself this morning and I have lost another 4lb. So 6lb lost in the last two weeks I am very pleased with myself.

I popped out this evening to a shop in town that is having a closing down sale, on the windows it said closing down sale up to 80% off everything. So I walked in thinking Yes, I should be able to get both of my boys their new shoes at a reduced price. I looked at the shoes and there was only about two pairs of shoes on sale in each size and certainly nothing my boys would have worn. I ended up walking out of the store with nothing and feeling quite annoyed that I had bothered at all.

Whilst shopping I went into another store and spent about a fifth of my weekly budget on toilet rolls and dishwasher tablets. I bought 24 toilet rolls and 90 dishwasher tablets but as the toilet rolls should last about six weeks and the dishwasher tablets about three months I thought it was worthwhile.

I also bought my son a pad for his camping trip (this was on the list) but he said its far too big. Its meant to fit in his pocket but that's fine it was only 49p and I am always writing lists for everything.

Well I think that's it for todays news.

Take care xx

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  1. Hooray! Six pounds in two weeks. Way to go.

    Congrats also on the bulk shopping you did. It feels so good to get ahead on the "non-grocery" items that takes a huge bite out of the budget. I count the household expenses like that in with my grocery budget, so it hurts if I have to buy "non-groceries" at the same time. You had to check out the clearance store even if you didn't find anything. You would have always wondered what if...