Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Goodbye lazy Hello superwoman!

Hello my dear friends,

If you read my post yesterday I was overtaken by the couch potato monster but today it happily returned to it usual home sweet man. Ha ha Joking!

And I returned to my usual vibrant self, yes you guessed it joking again.  But I truly did get off my lazy good for nothing butt, this is what I did today:-

  • Worked all day
  • Vacuumed downstairs
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Washed the floors
  • Did 2 loads of washing
  • Did some ironing
  • Cooked dinner from the freezer (defrosted first of course)
  • Completed homework with one child
  • Tested another child on their times tables and mental maths ability
  • Packed the lunches for tomorrow
  • Got the clothes ready for tomorrow
  • Applied for a clothes airer on freecycle (I am picking it up tomorrow - mines broken)

I also walked for six miles today and made a list of the things we need to buy after payday.  Here is my list:-
  • 2 school jumpers for my youngest boys (there's are too small)
  • 4 new school tops 2 each for my youngest boys (there's are stained and won't clean)
  • Shoes for my 13 and 8 year old
  • Tights for my daughter (its cold and she wont wear trousers)
  • Hair cuts for my three youngest boys
  • A balaclava, a raincoat and red football socks for my thirteen year old.
I am a little annoyed with my thirteen year old son because he has had three pairs of school shoes since September, now he has never really been heavy on shoes before but he is now six foot and has size eleven feet but I call him my skinny bean because there is nothing of him and I don't know if that is why he is demolishing shoes so quickly.

If anyone has any recommendations of shoe makes that last please let me know.

The balaclava and raincoat are because he is going camping next weekend and as it is so cold they are items that they encourage the kids take with them. I have been looking in the charity shops as my son now wears adult clothes but have not found any so I guess I will have to buy them. I do hate buying things that they don't generally wear, it seems a waste.

Well that's it for today,

Take care xx


  1. Wow! Did someone light a fire under you? I'll be having some of whatever it is that you're having, please.
    Instead of a balaclava, couldn't he wear a scarf over his mouth and pull down a toque instead? It is how our Canadian boys dress on really cold and stormy winter days. I haven't seen a balaclava in years. It makes me think of bank robbers.

  2. Oh my goodness, you did so much! My son went through a growth spurt (and is still growing!) and I had to replace his jeans several times. Thankfully his feet aren't growing as fast, he's still wearing the pair of Nikes that I bought him in August 2014 and claims that he doesn't need new shoes. I love that he is so frugal but I do have on my list to get him new shoes before long.

    I hope your son enjoys his camping trip, although it sounds miserable to go camping when it's so cold, IMO! I used to take the kids camping with a group of other families a few years back. We'd go one weekend a month. We camped in tents but most everyone else was in campers. It came in handy during those months when it got too cold because I'd send the kids to sleep in their friends' campers while I braved the cold wrapped in 2 sleeping bags! We had fun, but I don't miss those cold nights in a tent.

  3. Ha ha I know impressive hey!

    Thats a really good idea, I hate balaclavas, my mum used to work in a bank years ago and they had three men wearing balaclavas try and rob the bank. We have loads of scarfs. Great idea thanks Susan xx

  4. Nathalie he is camping with the cadets and he is so looking forward to it. I am ok about it but on the night that he goes our daughter is singing at the O2 in London. So we wont be their to check he has everything and say goodbye etc. I will check the night before that he goes but I will still worry about him. I can't believe you used to take yours camping I feel like a big meanie because I wont take mine. You make me feel bad. Ha ha xx