Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Daily update

Good evening, I hope you have had a nice day.

Mine has been busy. I worked till 1.15, walked home, changed my shoes as I have rather gigantic blisters on my heels. Ouch!
Walked to the shops and took a top back as I looked like a beached whale in it. Got some breakfast stuff as it was the children's first day back at school and my son decided he was not going to eat any breakfast. I also bought some lavender bath soak as the same son could not sleep last night because we are back to school.

Remember them aims - Am I letting this get on top of me... No, tonight we are going to have tea, I am going to run him a luscious warm bath and then read him a story and tuck him up in a bed that has lavender drops on the pillow with a hot water bottle.

Then I think I will jumps in a hot bath myself!

Food for the day.

Breakfast - 1oz crunchy nut cornflakes with skimmed milk

Snack- Nutrigrain bar

Lunch - 4 Ryvitas with low fat cream cheese

Snack - Nutrigrain bar and apple

Dinner - Chicken breast, new potatoes and salad and a Müller lemon yoghurt

Total calories 1139

Exercise for today Mainly walking I have done 22,554 steps plus 3,300 aerobic steps which was 9.674 miles and used 1330 calories.

I am really pleased with this.

I haven't done very much cleaning though today I have swept the floors downstairs, cleaned the kitchen and downstairs toilet. Whilst the children are in the bath I am going to try and clean up the boys bedroom a little, just so they get a cosy nights sleep. (and don't fall over if they need the loo)

Well bye for now and take care xx


  1. Well, no wonder you have blisters! You went back out and WALKED to the store with those blisters?! You're a toughie! A great day, again, Tara! I'm hard at work finishing my chocolates. Many many calories were consumed and very little steps were taken.

  2. Ooh don't Nathalie I have chocolates and cookies left in the cupboard but I'm trying to resist. I'm hobbling about like an old woman now though, in fact I have just hobbled up to bed. I ache!
    I sat at work today eating four Ryvita crackers and on of the women said to me ooh your getting through them crackers and I thought damn cheek I'm practically starving myself and your insinuating I'm eating a lot! Really! I was a touch mortified ha ha xxx

    1. Go to bed, go to bed! I'll be here telling you about how tired I am (because of exercise, and not because I stayed up watching Columbo DVDs again!) in... a few... days. I promise! Now off to bed you go! lol.

    2. I did and I feel much better today. I have no doubt Hun xxx