Friday, 22 January 2016

Yay Friday!

Hello Friends,

It is that happy day, the day that is the start of two wonderful days of being with the people that you truly want to spend time with. In my case its my children. They are the ones that put a smile on my face every day. They make me giggle as if I am a child at the funny things they say. They are my everything and I am so grateful to have two days to just be their mum.

I have walked six and a half miles today. I have not been very good on my diet this week but at the same time I haven't been particularly bad either. I haven't eaten chocolate or anything bad but I haven't logged my food either.

Since my bad week on the scales where I had been so good at what I had eaten I haven't weighed myself but I intend to tomorrow morning.

Do you have a window cleaner? We do, he is a good window cleaner and a nice guy who does a good job but he comes all year round. Yes, I realise he has to make a living but I am opposed to paying for my windows to be cleaned when it is raining or rains half an hour later. I really wish I could just ask him to clean them in the summer months when I feel that it is worthwhile.  What do you think? Do you feel the same?

My food waste this week is 1 Tomato which had split and started to go mouldy and one cream cake which actually wasn't bought by myself. It was bought by my eldest son and he didn't get round to eating it. But its still waste.

A few days ago I showed you my things that need to be bought after payday list but I have an update I no longer need to buy my son a raincoat or balaclava as the camp that my son is going on is with the army cadets and yesterday they lent him a raincoat and the lovely Susan recommended that he wrap a scarf around his face and we have lots of scarfs so that is two things I can delete off my list. Unfortunately my youngest sons coat was ripped whilst at school today and I am not great at repairing things so I'm not sure if I will be able to repair it so I may need to buy him a new coat.

I hope you have a nice evening

Take care xx

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