Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bargains! yay!

Good Evening.

As most of you know I am trying to save money on my food shopping. Today, I had to go to the shops as I had run out of breakfast stuff, lunch stuff and toilet rolls. I was at work all day today so I was forced to go this evening but in the past this has proved worthwhile as that is when they start to  reduce their items.

This was tonight haul which consisted of:-

Chicken with stuffing originally £5.00 reduced to £1.53

24 Pork sausages originally £5.00 reduced to £2.16

4 Large jalapeño hotdog sausages originally £2.24 reduced to £1.00

Cherry scones originally £1.00 reduced to 36p

Toblerone Cookies originally £1.00 reduced to 43p

Strawberry cheesecake originally £2.18 reduced to 95p

Muffins originally 75p reduced to 43p

The chicken will be used for a roast dinner and the leftovers to make chicken and vegetable soup.

The sausages will be used to make sausage, mash, veg, onions and gravy

The Jalapeño hotdogs will be given to my sweet man and my lovely fussy son.

The cherry scones and Toblerone cookies will be put in the children's packed lunches.

The cheesecake was given to the children for dessert tonight and will be again tomorrow.

The muffins will be used for breakfast.

Lovely lot of offers, I did also buy the items that I went out for but unfortunately these weren't on offer.

I will add what I bought today to my spending spread sheet and on Sunday I will let you in on how much we spent this week.

Today, I reduced the amount of walking I did again because of my joints. I didn't take the car though.

And today I have eaten

Breakfast - 1oz Crunchy nut and milk

Lunch - cheese and onion sandwich on brown bread
              nutrigrain breakfast biscuit

Dinner - we didn't have breakfast for dinner, we had hot dogs instead. I had two.

Have a lovely evening

Take care xx


  1. Awesome bargains! And I'm glad to see you eat more at lunch time, Tara! Now you stay away from that cheesecake, OK? lol.

    I laughed when you said your fussy son would eat the jalapeño sausages because my fussy sons would order plain hamburgers, just the bread and meat, for several years, and not even want cheese on there. They didn't want ketchup with their chicken nuggets either. There's no way I would have gotten them to eat jalapeño anything back then, lol. I'm happy to report they are much less fussy now that they're 20+!

  2. The cheesecake was tempting Nathalie but I managed to stay away ha ha.

    Seriously, the child is odd he will eat pickled onions, chilli, normal onions, avocados but he won't eat any dairy including chocolate or pasta, rice. Its bizarre. I can't believe yours wouldn't have ketchup I thought that was a childs staple. So glad they are less fussy now, I have hope. Xx

  3. OK, I have to say that IS weird, lol.