Saturday, 16 January 2016



I love weekends.

Today I did a small amount of housework. Did a shopping list for my first week of rotational menu's and I have begun to impute the foods into my supermarket, which is a website that compares the prices at all the supermarkets. It will give me an idea of the cost of the weeks shopping without any discounts. Update at ASDA this came to £103.23, I could get it at ALDI for £88.78 with seven items missing. So these are the prices I need to beat. Now I will work my way through each supermarket and see what product is cheaper in each one.

I will not be starting my rotational menu next week because I have some food to use up in the freezer and I get paid the week after.

Today I have eaten:-

Breakfast - 2 Slices of Marmite toast

Lunch - Egg and Tomato sandwich, grapes and a mango fat free yoghurt

Dinner - Chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing , sausage in bacon, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

I had a chat with my little eight year old after receiving some advise from my friend Nathalie and we have decided to do a reward chart, my sons choice of reward is a coke at a coffee shop with me. There is nothing I would like more so I hope he hits his reward every week.
I am also looking into some counselling for his self esteem. I hope this helps my little darling.

This evening I have taken my youngest son to the shop to buy two cars with his tooth money (his front tooth has fallen out bless him) and played a couple of games with my family which is why I am late posting tonight

I hope you have had a nice day
Take care xx

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  1. You did so well with your food intake today and you're so organized with your menus, your plans to use up what you have in your freezer and inputting your shopping list into that app! I'm so impressed!

    I love weekends too. I just finished telling Greg that I felt like I had been very productive today but then I thought about it and I realized that I did absolutely no cleaning, no cooking and I still haven't put my Christmas stuff away, lol. I did take a bubble bath, I'm reading a fiction book, and I've been playing with my Kindle Fire. I guess "productivity" can take various shapes, right?

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and your family!