Sunday, 10 January 2016

Super save sunday!

Happy Sunday my dear friends,
I have a confession to make I sat up until 4.00am in the morning watching a Netflix special that a lot of people have been talking about called 'Making a Murderer'. I was quite shocked by this programme, it is about a man and a young boy (16) who are convicted of murder, as from what was shown there was a serious miscarriage of justice but as my son pointed out we saw the show from the side of the accused. I have read a lot about this case this morning and they do seem to be a family that has a troubled past and it is quite possible that they are guilty but I genuinely believe if that trial had been in the UK the young boy would certainly have had his case dismissed due to his I.Q and lack of understanding.
This week I have put on five and a half pounds, whilst I'm not happy about this at all because I have been very good this is just making me feel more determined to correct my food intake so that it works with my body. I have been very lucky to receive some advise from Susan and Nathalie (ladies I am so grateful thank you) and today I have increased my food intake and drunk more water.
Food intake for today:-
Breakfast - 2 crumpets with Marmite
Lunch - Tuna salad sandwich, muller light yoghurt and an apple with a big glass of water

Dinner - Chicken breast, new potatoes and salad with a big glass of watery


I know I should have had brown bread for my lunch and I did have some in the cupboard, oops just forgot when I was making everyone elses sandwiches.

Yesterday I mentioned that ASDA has a price guarantee and today I went through all the receipts I could find and saved 58p, £1.14, £1.04 and 56p. Goes to prove this is worth doing but you can only do it within 28 days. Total vouchers £3.32 Yay!

Whilst I was doing this my partner decided to inform me that his work does a voucher system in which you get roughly an additional 15% in vouchers back from whatever you order to use at supermarkets. Apparently this is not something we have to sign up to and he can just put it on my computer. This is definitely something I will look into and can't believe we haven't already been utilising. Men! Is all I have to say.

I've just been to ASDA and got some lunch items for the children for next week.

I bought :- 4 Dolmio stir in sauce pots £1.00 each (normally £1.75)
                   Caramel dessert £1.00 for 4 (normally £2.25)
                    Tuna steaks £3.00 for 3 (normally £4.00)
                     4 Fruit bags 10p each (normally 65p each)
                     Walkers crisps £3.00 for 24 packs (normally £3.75)
                      Gala pie 4 slices £2.50 (normally £3.00)
                       Birdseye chargrilled chicken breast 2 packs for £2.00 (normally £1.75 each)
I also bought bread and drink but these were normal price and I picked up the monthly magazine just in case there are any coupons.
I also took my coupons off the price and paid £15.18. This should cover quite a lot of the lunch needed for school this week.

Well I'm off to have my dinner now, have a great evening.

Take care xx



  1. Oh my gosh. Lunch looks amazing. So does dinner. Yum. Very healthy looking whole foods that should not fool your body into thinking that it is starving.
    You scored big on the weekly specials. Good sale.

  2. Thanks Susan and they were both really tasty. So we shall see if this works, I'm now not going to weigh myself until next weekend.

    I did do well on my shop didn't I and it was the first entry on my new spread sheet and I save 44%. Yippee.

    I hope you have had a great weekend xx