Monday, 25 January 2016

Menu Plan Monday

Hello, I hope you like todays picture. I have a question if you sat on the bench what would you see going on around you?

I can see my children running around the bench, playing tag and hiding amongst the trees, laughing and giggling.

This weeks menu's are:-


Chicken nuggets and chips


Lasagne, garlic bread and salad


Chicken breasts in sauce, with garlic min potatoes and sweetcorn


Sausage, mash, sweetcorn, onions and gravy


Meal at O2


Chilli and Rice


Roast chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing, vegetables and gravy

Today at work I was given a punnet of tomatoes from one of our cleaners who works on a market stall at weekends. Yay freebie!

I went to the supermarket this evening and tried to buy a few of the things off of my shopping list for the children but they had sold out of everything other than the tights for my daughter which cost £5.00 for three pairs.

I also bought my son a travel mug and some miniature toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel for his camping trip this weekend. The miniatures were quite expensive so I must get some little plastic bottles for any future trips that he does. Total expense £5.50

I worked overtime today for an extra four hours

My eight year old started his counselling today, that was quick wasn't it. He said it was fun and he got to talk about his favourite things like giraffes and his family. He seemed very happy.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. So glad the counseling seems to be going well!

    You got a freebie! yay!

    If I sat on that bench... I would be a bunch of kids playing hide & seek while I wished I had the energy and I was in shape to run like that!

  2. Hey Nathalie, See that's why I love talking tot you because you always add the things that I am thinking. I so wish I had the energy to run around too. Xx