Saturday, 9 January 2016

I just love weekends!

Hello dear friends, Happy Saturday!

I woke up this morning and received the loveliest cuddles from the sweetest little boy and it was the nicest start to the day that I could wish for.

I haven't done very much today, I had a quick clean up but apart from that we have just spent the day relaxing.

I have not done any walking.

I have eaten:-
Breakfast - Nutrigrain breakfast bar

Lunch - 2 slices of toast with Marmite
              pack of BBQ cheddar

Snack - Kellogg caramel moments bar

Dinner - Thai Carrot soup and two slices of brown bread
               Banana and fat free yoghurt

I am in a little bit of a quandary at the moment because I have been fairly good on my eating plan this week and yet I still haven't lost any weight. I know I could go to somewhere like slimming world and follow an eating plan but firstly I am also trying to save money so I'm a bit opposed to spending money to lose weight. Also I am not that keen on spending time with people that I don't know so its something id rather not do.

I think I will give it another couple of weeks and maybe change up my eating plan a little by adding in more fruit and less bars even though they are calorie counted and meant to be healthy bars and see how it goes.

If you have any suggestions on what I should be doing please let me know, I am totally up for advise.

I have just found out that my local supermarket has a website where you put you receipt details in and it tells you whether  they were cheaper than the other supermarkets and if not give you a rebate so tomorrow I am going to pull out as many receipts as I can find and see if we are entitled to any rebates.

Kerching, money saving. I have worked a little more today on my savings spreadsheets and they are coming along nicely.

Well I hope you are having a lovely day

Take care xx


  1. I wouldn't spend money to join a weight loss organization. I am looking at your food intake and I am thinking that you are not eating enough calories, especially with all the walking you do.
    I would maybe try going off the processed foods (like the breakfast bars) and eat more whole foods like vegetables and fruit. And drink lots of water.

  2. Thanks Susan, I agree, I really don't want to join a slimming club.
    I have never been a very big eater volume wise but my partner does like takeaways so we have had a tendency to eat the wrong type of foods.
    My sister in law bought me two boxes of nutrigrain breakfast bars when I was poorly as she thought I didn't eat properly so I will finish them up I only have a couple left.
    I haven't been drinking anywhere near enough water so I'm going to log my drinks and I think i'll pop to ALDI in the morning and get some fruit and vegetables. Thank you for the advise xx

  3. I agree with Susan :)

    Tara, your Thai Carrot Soup sound delicious and I don't think you've posted the recipe before? If you ever get the chance (no need to do it right now), would you please post it? I love carrot soup. Somewhere in my stash of recipes I have the curry one that you had posted for me and I need to find it and try it, lol.

    It's awesome that your grocery store does that, btw. Walmart does it over here (SavingsCatcher program) and I've only gotten about $1.09 back, I think, but it's still $1.09 that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise!

    Have a great rest of your weekend. I haven't done anything that I had planned on doing and right now some of the neighbors nearby are having a VERY loud party that is seriously giving me a headache and interfering with my concentration levels so I guess I won't be reading my investing book tonight either, sigh. I hope the noise level dies down soon, it's only 6 p.m. and I don't think I can call the police to file a complaint until 10 p.m. Argh. I hate inconsiderate people!

  4. Ha see we all agree, ok no slimming club for me the, oh thank goodness for that!

    Of course I will put the recipe on for the Thai carrot soup.

    Its ASDA I think they are the UK version of Wal-Mart. I will let you know if I get any savings.

    Oh yuck a party at 6pm that really doesn't bode well if they are starting that early. I hate inconsiderate people too. I hope they give up early from being worn out with it. We live in a road mainly full of older people so if we get interrupted by them its normally cause they have made too many cakes. I am happy to have interruptions of that sort. Oh wait that's probably why I need to diet ha ha xxx