Monday, 11 January 2016

Menu plan monday

Monday - Chicken Fajitas with Nachos
Tuesday- Jacket Potatoes with Cheese, beans and salad
Wednesday- Breakfast for dinner
Thursday - soup and fresh rolls
Friday - Chicken enchilada pasta skillet
Saturday - Burgers and chips
Sunday - chicken, roast potatoes, sweetcorn, carrots, Yorkshire pudding and gravy
This is my menu plan for this week.
Its a quick one today as I have done overtime and I need to relax in a bath and go to bed.
Have a lovely evening xx


  1. Your dinners sound good! I think I'm going to borrow Tuesday's dinner as inspiration - thanks!

    1. Hi Shelley, Thanks for the comment and my pleasure. I do love a nice Jacket Potato and its one of the few things allowed st all my kids will eat. Always a bonus xx