Wednesday, 27 January 2016

oh no! i'm a spend thrift

Good Evening, I hope you are all well.

It has been a very busy day today. I worked all day and I finished at four o clock, my second eldest son met me at the school and we all caught the bus into the town centre. I was very lucky because the bus driver only charged me for two of the children. He said he felt as if he was overcharging me if charged me for all of them. What a nice man!

The first thing that we did when we got into town was get all the boys hair cuts. This cost £30.00 including a tip. Good value hey and because this is our regular barbers shop we got our loyalty card stamped and the next time we go one of the boys will get a free hair cut. Goodie!

We then went to search for boys shoes. I thought I had two pairs to buy but then I looked down at my youngest his little sock was poking out of the side of his shoe. I'm such a bad mum I hadn't noticed!

I went into a lot of the large department stores and was starting to give up so we decided to go and get my sons football socks and shin pads for football, once we were in the sports store there was a stand of new tough school shoes made by Adidas and Nike. My youngest two were immediately sold on them and thought that they were as comfortable as trainers but looked like school shoes. Win win!

My thirteen year old also found a pair of shoes in the same sports shop.

We then popped to the local supermarket and got the youngest two a new school jumper each and my youngest a new coat reduced from £15.00 to £9.00.

So in total today I spent £30.00 on Haircuts, £84.45 on three pairs of shoes, shin pads, football socks, 2 Jumpers and a coat.

In our new budget I have allowed £35.00 for Haircuts and £100.00 for clothes. I have allowed this on a monthly basis but if I don't need to use it every month it will get put into our holiday savings account.

I am quite enjoying monitoring exactly what we spend as I truly didn't think we spent very much money on clothes but that's quite a lot for one month. Also because I have logged what I have bought and when I will know exactly how long the children's clothes and shoes are lasting for.

I walked for three miles today. I know not very much.

Now I am going off to bed because I am very tired,

Take care xx


  1. Hi Tara, I think that was a very good price for 3 pairs of sturdy shoes. Free haircut next time and a free bus ride for one of the kids, woohoo! Good job!

    1. Me too. And I was so cuffed and surprised about the bus.

  2. Does that three miles include all the walking around the stores you did? Shopping always zaps the energy right out of me. I think you made out like a bandit getting all the clothes and shoes you did for that price. If they last, you have made a major score.

  3. No, it doesn't Susan, it must be at least double then. Ha ha.
    I know I was pleased I think I did quite well really. Xx