Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thursday night quickie (ha ha Post!)

Ha ha, there is an ironic laugh behind todays picture.

It is a super quick post today as I am packing my son up to go to camp straight from school tomorrow and packing my daughter up to go to the O2 tomorrow morning and being the sort of mum that I am I have to write a list, pack all the items, tick them all off and then follow the process all over again just to make sure that they are fully prepared.

I also have Granny staying over to look after the two little boys so I need to make sure her bed is organised for her and organise everything for her to cook for herself and the boys for dinner.

She is going to bath them and read them a story before bed.

I have got the binoculars out, the tickets ready and the car park booked. Bens mum is insisting on packing us some food to eat when we get there just in case we get stuck in traffic on our way up there.

The car park cost £21.00 that's extortionate don't you think? But I guess still cheaper than catching the train and at least our darling daughter, who is not very good with late nights, can fall asleep on the way home.

Well the chances are that I wont be posting tomorrow because I am working all day and have to leave for the O2 as soon as we get home from school.

Have a lovely couple of days and take care xx