Sunday, 31 January 2016

Happy Sunday.

Hi, I hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Sunday.

I woke up early this morning about six o clock because one of my young men had bad dreams last night, he dreamt his brother was eaten by a basketball. I have strange children!

On rising I had a cup of coffee, put some washing on and got the ironing board out and did three hours of ironing until the children decided they wanted breakfast.

On Friday my eight year olds teacher came to me and told me what an amazing week he had, apparently he was very chilled out all week so as promised we then went to Costa and he had a Fanta and a bag of crisps but we weren't alone as my younger son got a head teachers award for super literacy. So we all went, including my daughter as she said she would feel very left out.  As the frugal me kicked in I just treated the children and not myself so the bill came to £6.15.

We came home and I hoovered downstairs and put my second load of washing on.

I then went off to pick up my thirteen year old from camp. Yay! He had a great time but was feeling very tired and unwell (I think this was due to tiredness) so he had tea, had a long shower and got into bed, promptly falling asleep. I'm so glad he is home.

I spent a couple of hours updating my budget as most of the bills have now come out and started to research the best slow cookers. I think I have found the one that I would like to buy. It is 6.5 litre Morphy Richards. The best price I have found it for at the moment is £24.99 on Amazon.

Well that's about all I have to tell you for today, take care xx

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