Sunday, 17 January 2016

A little at a time

Good afternoon, I hope you are having a nice Sunday.

Mine is a mixed afternoon, sweet man feels very sorry for himself and has taken himself off for an afternoon sleep (yeah I know chance would be a fine thing wouldn't it!). He has cut the top of his finger on his mandolin whilst cutting some lettuce, has banged his stomach on the door handle and has a bite on his leg that is a bit infected.

I'm not really the sympathetic type, probably, because as most of us do I have to get on with it if I'm feeling rough, which might I just say my joints are starting to feel much better. Yay!

Anyway, back to my afternoon I have been trying to organise ready for school tomorrow. I don't think we are going to be hit with so much snow that it will be called off ha ha.

All the school uniforms are washed and on the radiators drying. I have lunches to pack but I have done the lunch shopping today. As we will be eating out of the freezer for dinners this week I have not done a big shop.

I still have all the kids shoes to clean and baths and hair washes to organise. What age did you allow your children to wash their own hair?

Yesterday I told you that I had put week 1's shopping list into My Supermarket and the list had come up at £103.23 but I have now looked at the items that are cheaper in each supermarket and I have managed to get the list down to £89.13 without any coupons of offers so hopefully I may be able to bring this even lower.

My weekly budget is £100 for food but ideally I would like it to be £80.00 per week.

I have been looking back at my January aims and I don't seem to be achieving very much apart from organising the food shopping but a few small things at a time hopefully will result in better organisation all round.

I haven't started to sort out my youngest two's bedroom yet so I have decided to change my plan and organise the kitchen first. It seems to make sense as I am trying to get to grips with our shopping.

Please excuse the mess in my kitchen we have just had dinner and I have done the washing up and got some lunch stuff out for tomorrow.

But this gives you an idea of the room that I want to sort out. There are a couple of things that I need to buy for this room.

1. A new calendar (I'm waiting for them to be reduced)

2. A bin - I have not had one since my eight year old was two and we had a touch bin. He used to try and play with it and one day cut his finger on a baked bean can. So goodbye bin and hello plastic bags that get used after dinner and taken out to the big outside bin. But now my youngest is seven I think I can have a bin again. (I will look in the charity shop for one)

I plan to do a bit of the kitchen every day except Monday and Wednesday as these are long days at work. I normally get home just after five and start preparing dinner straight away. No time for cleaning and organising.

Well I am off now to wash my eight year olds hair.

Take care xx


  1. Men can be such babies, sometimes. But maybe he needed a nap, too :) I also find it hard to commiserate, sometimes.

    You were very busy today but it was good busy where you got all ready for the week ahead. This will save you much time and aggravation!

    What a great accomplishment to have already used your spreadsheet to reduce your upcoming shopping trip by £14! Now make sure you stick to your list when you're in the store... that's the part that's the hardest for me.

    I'm pretty sure my kids all washed their own hair in the shower by the time they started kindergarden. I might have checked that they didn't "forget" to use shampoo. I used to give them baby shampoo that didn't sting their eyes until the youngest was old enough to handle real shampoo.

    1. It was lovely this morning getting up and not having to make the lunches especially as I overslept. Oops!

      I'm really pleased with how the food planning is going and the only time it is likely to go pair shaped is at weekends if Ben decides he wants something different.

      Right so I should be getting them all to do their own hair really. I'll get them some baby shampoo and get them to give it a go. Xx

  2. I am going to guess that your man needed some more sleep, unless he is always klutzy....slicing his finger and banging his stomach???? And when it comes to infections, no matter how small, I need sleep. He will be more helpful to you with the extra zzz's. *laugh*

    Like Nathalie, I am also really impressed by the savings on your grocery list, simply by checking out prices amongst the stores. I am sure you will be able to bring that total down some more. You're doing well. Just getting your grocery spending down and the kitchen organized is HUGE. You have all year to work on your other goals for 2016.

    1. Ha ha No I am the klutzy one its a standing joke in our house that I break everything and regularly walk into things. In fact when I go over to my mums she panics and tell me she has a clean tablecloth on which makes it worse cause then I panicky!

      He is better today. Lol

      I am pleased Susan it seems to be coming along well. I definitely want to get it down to £80.00 which I think I should be able to do.

      Very true. I like everything done at once ha ha xx